Your Operator has a question while operating their CNC! Usually they stop, look for their Manager and ask the Question. Hopefully they get an immediate correct answer! Using ShopFloorManaager's CNCHelpFiles a CNC Operator can ask ShopFloorManager the question and get the correct answer Immediately!

CNCHelpFilesTM an Enterprise Class Module

Getting Help at your CNC

Are there times when you wish your operators could find help for themselves and not bother you! Are their questions the same old questions regarding SOP, Machine clean up policies, OHSA requirements, Fixture uses, Special Equipment Operation, etc.? Wouldn't it be nice if they could request this help right from their CNC Machine Tools?

CNCHelpFilesTM provides the tools that help you create Generic, Specific & Default Help Topics. When an operator needs help they will not have to bother you but just upload a remote request file for a particular Help Topic and that file will be sent to them immediately. Not only will the file be send to them immediately but a record of this Event is maintained in the database! Now consider that this is an electronic file which requires only one copy and only this one copy needs to be maintained and kept up to date.

CNCHelpFilesTM helps you manage & organize your Shop Floor by helping you providing answers to the Standard Questions your shop personnel asks without bothering you! CNCHelpFilesTM includes a Universal Help Dictionary Generator and Processor for any CNC.

Generate "Generic Help Topics"

Using CNCHelpFilesTM you can create "Generic Help Topics" without limits for use by any and all machine tools. I.E. OSHA requirements, Standard Procedures, etc. You can create a "Default Help Topic" for a specific machine tool and also create "Specific Help Topics" for a specific machine tools such as Standard Operation Instructions, Safety Precautions, Fixture Installations, even Maintenance Instructions, etc.

Use Existing Text Base Documents

If you have text based Help Files or even Microsoft Word Documents that you deem useful for shop floor operators to access right from their CNCs just cut and paste using CNCHelpFiles and you can immediately create any Help Topic meet your company's and or OSHA's requirements.

Meet Industrial Requirement such as "OSHA"

If OSHA requires that you have certain documents available to an operator right at his CNC then CNCHelpFilesTM is a must for your shop floor! These Help Files are stored in ShopFloorManager'sTM Database and can be accessed directly from the CNC Machine Tools by issuing simple Remote Commands to ShopFloorManager'sTM CNCFileRequesterTM Commands.

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