What happens when you delete a file either deliberately or by mistake? Is it gone for good? What if you had recorded histories in the history database? Are they gone for good? ShopFloorManager's ISOFileArchiver provides a two step protection so you can recover any deleted File or Document with their ISO9000 Histories!

ISOFileArchiver Managing Deleted Files & Documents

ISOFileArchiver A Rest Home for Deleted Files & Documents

A Secondary Database for Deleted Files & Documents

ISOFileArchiverTM provides a secondary Database and the needed Tools for Managing DNC Files & Manufacturing Documents that have been deleted from ShopFloorManager's main database. When your Files and Documents have reached the end of their life cycle you can delete them from ShopFloorManager's main database without deleting them permanently. They are Automatically Archived to ShopFloorManager's Archived Secondary Database.

Recovering Archived Files & Documents

If you require recovering a deleted file or document you can use ISOFileArchiver to recover your archived (deleted) DNC Files or Manufacturing Documents. If they have been delete by mistake or you just need to recover them for whatever reason you can recover them using ISOFileArchiver. ISOFileArchiver also provides the Tools to Permanently Purge selected Files & Documents.

Note: See ShopFloorManager's Obsolete Feature for another Alternative.

ISOFileArchiver'sTM Basics Include:

Using "Document" properties with DocumentLocatorEngine to Locate "Documents"

ISOFileArchiver uses ShopFloorManager's DocumentLocatorEngine for locating any Files or Documents that have been archived from ShopFloorManager's main database.

Use DocumentLocator's Search Engine to select the properties on which you want to search for the DNC File or Manufacturing Document. You can create multi-level search field for locating any DNC File or Manufacturing Document. See the File/Document properties you can search for:

Archiving Functions For Files & Documents

When deleting a DNC File or Manufacturing Document you can be assured that it is not permanently lost since ISOFileArchiver Archives these DNC Files & Manufacturing Documents Automatically!

Note: Need to recover a Manufacturing Document? Just go into the Manage Controlled Documents Window and click on the Manage Archive Menu and Archive Window of Documents will be opened where you can:

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