The Gold Standard. It is the Standard against which all others are Judged. See What the Gold Standard is on the Shop Floor! When you need the Security, the Shop & Machine Monitoring, Document Control, Machine Tool Communications, Real-Time Charts, Reports, etc. the Gold Standard is ShopFloorManager!

ShopFloorManager'sTM Standard Integrated Features

Why look at a Package's "Standard Features"?

Do you have Blinders on?

When you are looking for a Manufacturing Solution for your Manufacturing Shop Floor there is a tendency to have blinders on as you focus on solving a particular problem. Obviously the most important thing is to purchase a package that solves the problem at hand but lets admit it the Shop Floor is in a continual flux and problems abound!

Kill as many Birds with one Stone as you can!

So why not kill as many birds with one stone as you can? Take a close look at the "Standard Features" as well as the Package Options as these lay the foundation for the solutions of the future. If you are looking at several packages wouldn't you pick a package that has an integrate feature rich set of applications supporting Virtualization, Emailing, Error Capture, History Reports, Data Relationship Views, etc.?

Are their Solutions One Dimensional?

Are their Standard Features Event Aware and Fully Integrated or are they loosely tied together and not multi-dimensional? If they are one dimension what will their Solution(s) look like in the Future? If their "Standard Features" are not multi-dimensional & Integrated and they have been in business for any length of time do you think they really understand that on the Shop Floor, Applications & Data need to be organized & integrated?

In the end you will have to manage the data! Do you want a package that you manage manually or an application that automatically organizes & integrate the data, which would you want?

We have been Around that Proverbial Bloc

Look at the "Standard Features" that ShopFloorManager: (html) offers as a part of it's total offerings. We have been on the battle fields of the Manufacturing Shop Floor more then once and have learned from our 30 years of experience.

When you look at our "Standard Features" and Package Options you will realize we have been around that Proverbial Block more then a few times and have the scars to prove it. "No pain no gain" is one catchphrase that turns out to be true!

30 Plus years

In fact for last 30 Plus years, we have listened to our customers, learned from our mistakes, embraced the latest technologies and watched where the Markets were moving. In the future we will listen, learn, embraced technology, watch the Markets and we will meet our Customer's Needs and Exceptions!

Want to find out yourself? We can Install a DNC Demo right over the Net?

If you have a legacy System installed and are looking to replace it or if you are looking to Install a DNC Demo why not do it over the Internet? No more Sale Representatives banging at the Proverbial Door just give us a call and within minutes you will have ShopFloorManager: (html) Installed and running in your computer without removing your legacy System!

Note: When you become a Customer of CAD/CAM Integration, Help & Service is just a login away.! When you need help first Call us at 1-781-933-9500 then go to and enter the key we gave you and within minutes we can diagnose any problems regarding ShopFloorManager or other problems that effect ShopFloorManager such as network issue, etc.

How do we do this? As part of ShopFloorManager we include a Real-Time ShopManagerErrorLog: (html) which automatically collects errors into a collection of Error Logs which we can diagnose! No guessing or finger pointing "Just the Facts Mam, Just the Facts"!

Note: CAD/CAM Integration Provides Complete Support for it's Systems and Customers. We "Walk the Talk"!

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