ShopFloorManager's EventAware is a Foundation Technology that is integrated into all of it's Applications providing Real-Time: Capturing, Recording, Analyzing & Reporting of any Events & Data that are Critical to a Businesses' Operation. It is in all of our Applications & Modules!

EventAware Technologies a ShopFloorManager Foundation Module

EventAware Technologies

EventAware is as much a Philosophy as it is a Group of Foundation Technologies that are integrated into ShopFloorManager'sTM Applications with End Goal of allowing these Application to be capable of Real-Time: Capturing, Recording, Analyzing & Reporting any Events/Data that are Critical to a Businesses' Operation.

EventAware Basics

The EventAware Technology Basics includes Applications that allow you to Create Events that Generate Real-Time System Data & Notices Critical to your Manufacturing Shop Floor(Cycle Times, Probe Data, Machine Tool Critical Events, etc.) storing these Events/Data in ShopFloorManager's database. Since these Real-Time Events were created by you, you can Change, Add or modify these to fine-tune them to your requirements without having to call us to do the programming!

EventAware Technologies Include:

EventAware Technologies are a Companion to ShopReports

Where EventAware: (html) Technologies provide the Real-Time Events that are Critical for making immediate Business decisions while ShopReports: (html) provides the ability to analyze all of the capture events/data and produce meaningful reports base on your Criteria of the Who, When, Where, Why & What of any Event(s) in your Business.

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