ShopFloorManager's ShopEMail provides the ability to Email Files, Documents and or Packets to any Group/Person on its distribution list WorldWide. You can also send Emails from any CNC at any time such as Off-Hours! This is a great Safety feature in your shop!

ShopEMailTM an Enterprise Class Module

ShopEMailTM Opens the Communication Channels for Your Operators

Are there times when it makes sense for your operators to "talk" to you off-shift? Lets say they are operating CNC Machine Tools, and there is a problem: Production, Safety, etc. How do they notify you? What if you are not available and they need to make contact with someone else?

ShopEmailTM provides the ability to Email a person or group of persons(distribution lists) from any CNC Machine Tool at any time. Emails also provide a trail for any records that you need to record! A press of the button from the CNC Machine Tool and you and or a list of the appropriate personnel are immediately notified!

ShopEMailTM Includes a Messenger & Support for Distribution Lists

ShopEMailTM Includes both an Email Messenger and support for Email Distribution Lists Allowing your personnel to Email from any CNC to any Email Address. This is accomplished by utilizing your Email System and by supporting a customizable Distribution List mirroring your partial of full list. A CNC operator can Email through the Internet if this individual is allowed Internet access.

ShopEMailTM keeping your personnel in touch with you anytime, any place or any shift!

ShopEMailTM Allows your Operators to Email from their CNC Machine Tools

ShopEMailTM is a full-featured, Email Messenger with a Distribution List which allows your personnel to Email directly from a CNC for off-shift emergencies or for production or shop updates. You can also automatically send out information directly from the CNC Controller using Macros for automatically capturing critical events.

ShopEMailTM keeping your personnel in touch with you anytime, any place or any shift!

ShopEMailTM includes Support for Configurable Distribution Lists

ShopEMail: (html) supports Configurable Distribution Lists with the ability to setup various Groups comprised of various Recipients.You can attach any file(s) within ShopFloorManager: (html) to any Email sent by ShopEMailTM. Send Emails with attachments from any place within ShopFloorManager: (html)!

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