Concerned about Meeting ISO Standards? Want to Have all your ISO9000 Documentation at Your Finger Tips? With ShopFloorManager You Can: Control, Approve, Release, Record and Report of all of your Documents Whereabouts while viewing Real-Time Interactive Charts(ShopCharts) from any Workstation!

ISO: ISO9000 Enterprise Class Modules

ISO9000 Standards are supported in all of ShopFloorManager's Standard Modules

ShopFloorManager's Supports Specific Modules for meeting ISO9000 Standards: ISOApproval while intrinsically supporting ISO9000 Standards in the Following Modules:

ShopFloorManager's ISO9000 Standards Supported


ISOApproval: (html) Module supports Creating and Establishing Multi-Level ISO9000 Approval Criteria for Controlling All of your File, Document & Packet Approval and Release into Production.

This includes: Establishing Birth and Death Dates; Multi-Level Sign-Off and Approval States, Controlled Check-Out/Check-In of All Files/Documents/Packets using ShopFloorManager or a Third-Part Application; Automatic Archiving and Complete Histories of Active, Deleted and or old Files/Documents/Packets

Third Party Connectivity: ThirdPartyTools an Enterprise Class Module

ThirdPartyTools supports Creation of Secure Third-Party Communication's Channel to External Applications allowing these Applications to select Files and or Documents from ShopFloorManager'TMs Database so these Files can be: Viewed, Edited, Copied, Renamed, etc. with these Specialized Applications.

If these Third-Party External Applications are used to Check-Out & Modify the selected Files or Documents these Files & Documents can then be checked back into ShopFloorManager's Database providing the same control as Files & Documents stored within ShopFloorManager.

Using ThirdPartyTools: (html) in combination with ShopFloorManager's ISO9000 Modules provides Revision Control, Approval Control, Event Capture and Creation of "Birth to Death Histories" of all Files & Documents.

Key Search Fields: DocumentLocator an Enterprise Class Module

DocumentLocator is a Composite Module consisting of a sophisticated Search Engine which is used to Interrogate ShopFloorManager'sTM database for the data that is stored the Customer Created Search Fields locating any and all Files, Documents or Packets that match the Customer's Input Search Criteria.

The located Files/Documents/Packets can then be selected to perform any function that is allowed for this Individual User subject to their User Group Rights. I.e. Editing, Deleting, Copying, Exporting, View, etc.

Real-Time Reports: ShopReports an Enterprise Class Module

ShopReports consists of a Group of Tools which Empower you to Mine your Company's Data to Analyze how efficiently your Company's uses its Critical Resources and just as importantly if it is meeting its ISO9000 obligations to its customers!

Use ShopReports with ReportFiltersTM to Generate Reports that Analyze Data From:

Real-Time Charts: ShopChartsTM an Enterprise Class Solution

ShopCharts Enhances ShopReports: (html) by displaying your Company's Mined Data in ShopCharts'TM Intelligent Interactive Charts.

ShopChartsTM Data is Graphically Presented in Visually Distinct Data Elements as Charts are Continuously updated reflecting Real-Time Production Events. You can then Zoom, Select individual Elements, Click and View the Time Stamped Analyzed Data as Events Happen!

2D or 3D? If you are like most people and need a better perspective just Right-Click and select the 3D Semi-Transparent Chart Option. No matter what the view, 3D or 2D, you can view all of the underlining data of the Selected Chart Element.

Track Document Histories: DocumentTrackerTM an Enterprise Class Solution

DocumentTracker is a ShopFloorManager: (html) Module that has over 120 Events that can configured to capture almost any change to your ShopManager Files, Documents and Packets that require ISO9000 Documentation. If you're truly maintaining ISO9000 Traceability you are required to Capture & Record the Who, What, When, Where and Whys of all changes to any File and or Document.

DocumentTracker: (html) not only provides these capabilities but also provides the ability to create any number of customer "Event Reasons" for these Events. You can then use DocumentTrackerTM to Associate particular Event Reasons with a Particular Event. Now couple this with the ability of select only the Events you want to activate & capture and you have complete control over your ISO9000 Documentation Requirements!

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