Do you Have Production & Machine Tool Monitoring Events Going On in Your Shop? Are these Events Unique to your Manufacturing Organization? Do you want to Create, Deploy, Capture and Report on all of these unique Events? What you need is ShopMonitorTM! It does it All and Analyzes the Results!

Cycle Start


Cycle End


Tool Change


Probe Measurement


Maintenance Start


Machine Idle

ShopMonitor: A Production & Machine Tool Monitoring Event Management Solution

Operating the Manufacturing Floor Requires Managing all of your Resources

It is more than a difficult task to efficiently operate the manufacturing shop floor. You have to Manage all your Resources such as Materials, Documentation, Users, Machines, etc. Given you have all of these Resources at your fingertips you now need to have Real-Time Manufacturing Floor Status & Information in order to make decisions on how to efficiently & effectively use these Resources to Maximize Production!

What if you Don't Have the Basic Manufacturing Floor Information?

What happens when you don't even have the basic Manufacturing floor information? It doesn't matter how disciplined you are if you don't have the Manufacturing Floor's Current State and if you don't have it in Real-Time Information Updates the Best you can Hope for is Managed Chaos.

What if you Have Uncorrelated Manufacturing Floor Information?

Suppose you have access to the Manufacturing Floor Information but it is Uncorrelated & Time-Stale? In order to just use this information/data you first you have to manage, organize, correlate & massage the data. When you are viewing this data you get a Time-Stale look at how Efficiently & Effectively your Manufacturing Floor WAS Operated! You can't control your Manufacturing Floor if you don't have Real-Time Correlated Information. Not the best way to maximize your Manufacturing's use of resources!

Create Your own Correlated Real-Time Manufacturing Floor Information

What if you were able to create your own unique Production Events, Insert these in your DNC Files & Macros and whenever a Program or Macro ran the Event with its data would be sent to ShopFloorManager For Storing & Displaying Real-Time Changes on the Manufacturing Floor? This Information would then allow you to make Intelligent Decisions about your Manufacturing! How can you do that? By using ShopFloorManager's ShopMonitor: (html) you can uniquely Create, Generate, Manage, Massage and Correlate these Production Events while providing two Real-Time Views of this information allowing you to make Intelligent Production Decisions Immediately!

Note: ShopMonitor provides all the Tools & Features you need for controlling your Shop! Have Manual Machine Tools use ShopMDI: (html)!

ShopMonitorTM An EventAware Enterprise Class Module

DPRNT And Macro B Support

ShopMonitor takes advantage of the DPRNT/SPRINT feature of virtually any Controller by providing software to insert Start/End DPRNTs(Events) directly into your N/C Programs. As the N/C Programs Execute and output DPRNTs Embedded in N/C programs(start, end, tool changes, probe collection, etc.) ShopMonitor processes these Machine/Production/Probe Events and Displays these in real-time!

PLC Event Programming Support

SuitePLC Hardware supports capturing Electrical Signals(Events) from Machine Tools by picking up the appropriate electrical signals and based on these signals generating an equivalent ShopMonitor Event to ShopFloorManager for processing!

Create Event Reports With Configurable Filters

After collecting the ShopMonitor Events you can use ShopReports: (html) to Generate Machine Event Reports, Session Activity Reports, Data by Machine and Data Item Reports, Data Item and Machine Reports, Machine Tool Utilization Chart, Display Real-Time Utilization 7-Day History Charts(ShopCharts: (html)), etc.

Create Configurable Machine Events

ShopMonitor allows you to create, generate and insert Production Events into DNC Files that are output to ShopFloorManager so ShopMonitor can processes and store these in ShopFloorManager's Database. These Production Events can be: Cycle Start/End, Tool Changes, Probe Measurements, Maintenance States, etc.

Save Filtered Report Template For Single Click Reporting

ShopMonitor Allows you To Create Individual Event Report Templates, Save Individual Event Report Templates as Shared with Your Report Name, Save Individual Event Report Templates as Private with Your Report Name Copy, Modify and Save an Existing Template

Note: This allows you to choose a Template/Report by simply clicking your saved Template and automatically generating your reports. Configure once for Single Click Reporting!

Real-Time Machine Status Displayed At Any ShopFloorManager Client

ShopMonitor Allows you To Display the current Event for each of the selected Machine Tools. You can select the individual Machine Tools to be Monitored at Each Client Department by Department! Machine Tool Event Activity is Obvious! You will see a Green Light Displayed if a Machine is Running and a a Red Light if a Machine is not Running

Note: This Real-Time Displayed Data can include Machine Name, Last Event Command, DNC File Name, DNC File Version, Status, Run, Idle, Elapsed Time, Cycle Count, Start Time, Last Event Time, Exceptions, Tool Number, Probe Val, Tool Number, Spindle Load, etc. You create it, you determine what to Display!

Real-Time Charting Displayed at Any ShopFloorManager Client

ShopMonitor Allows you To Select Specific Machine Tools so that its Events are display Real-Time on ShopCharts: (html) an Interactive Intelligent Charting System. ShopCharts Displays: Machine Name, Last Event Command, DNC File & Version, etc.

Note: You can interactively click on the ShopCharts: (html)'s Events and Retrieve the Relevant data Contained in that Event!

Real-Time Emailing Of Selected Events

ShopEMail Allows you To Email Events from Machine Tool Macros, or from embedded Email Events in DNC Files, etc.

Note: Emailing requires support of SMTP!

Haas Software & Hardware I/O Event Monitoring Support

ShopMonitor Allows you To Collect Hardware I/O Events from Haas Controllers, Collect Software I/O Events from Haas Controllers

Note: CAD/CAM Integration, Inc. worked with Haas & Tobyhanna Army Depot to develop and implement these Specifications. We will be continuing to support Haas's solutions for the latest industrial standards for collecting production and manufacturing data.

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