ShopFloorManager's Clients are Customizable User Workstations that can be associated with any of your Host Computers Company Wide! These Clients can be laid out to best suite the User's needs so they have a consistent Working Environment each and every Login!

ShopFloorManager Clients(Workstations)

Primer - ShopFloorManager Clients(Workstations)

ShopFloorManager'sTM Workstations are User Customizable ShopFloorManager: (html) Clients for Accessing ShopFloorManager. These Workstations are associated with any Window's Workstation.

These Workstation can be configured/laid out to best suite the User's needs so when they login into ShopFloorManager: (html) they can go right to work without having to re-establish a particular layout. As a User logs into ShopFloorManager: (html) these Workstations are automatically registered to the underlying Windows Workstation. By using this model Users logging into their ShopFloorManager'sTM Workstation from anywhere on the network will maintaining the same "Layout/View" as previously established.

ShopFloorManager Runtime


Note: From the above ShopFloorManager Runtime Application you can click on the Workstations... Icon to manage your Workstations and related Citrix Server Farms. See the following Window for a more detailed View.

Workstations Window


The Window above also displays how this particular ShopFloorManager: (html) Workstation/Client is related to the Windows Client & Server Farms and thus a fairly complete picture of what the logged in User has access to. I.E. Machine Tools, Third-Party Applications and Server Farms. To get a more complete View click on Server Farms & Host Computers.

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