ShopFloorManager allows creating any number of Users which can assume various rolls such as: Administrators, Supervisors, Operators, etc. Users acquire these Rolls by being associated with the various User Groups. Users Inherit their Rolls from each User Group they are in!

ShopFloorManager Users

Primer - Users

In ShopFloorManager you can create Users that can be Administrators, Supervisors, Operators, etc. ShopFloorManager Users are really defined according to which User Group they belong. A ShopFloorManager Administrator can move a User to or from any User Group(s) so Users can be assigned various "Roles" with different security and System access. During the transitions the Users original Properties are still maintained.

ShopFloorManager'sTM User/User Group combinations provide the means for accessing ShopFloorManager'sTM features & data. You can create as many Users as you need and by careful management of these Users/User Groups you can securely use ShopFloorManagerTM to efficiently manage & control your shop floor and its data.

ShopFloorManager Runtime


Note: From the above ShopFloorManager Runtime Application you can click on the Users... Icon to manage the Users Relationships and various Parameters. See the following Window for a more detailed View.

Users Window


In the above Window you can see at a glance the various relationships the Users have within ShopFloorManager: (html).

Users Properties

The following Window provides the means for setting or changing a Users Password. Passwords should be used if there is only a single User associated with this Name or security is of prime importance.

Users Properties Window


In the above Window you create/change the Password for this individual or Limited Group of Users. There is also the option of remembering from login to login how the Window is displayed.

Users Contact Information

ShopFloorManager: (html) allows you to select any ShopFloorManager: (html) Email User(s) and or Distribution List(s) for using your Email System so you can allow ShopFloorManager: (html) Users to Email DNC Files, Manufacturing Documents & Packets directly from ShopFloorManager'sTM secure system to any registered Email User or Users in a Distribution List.

Users Contract Information


In the above Window you select and Email User you want associates with this User.

Users Rights

This Window displays the "Rights" that User has been granted by being associated with the various User Groups. The "Rights" are not set in this Window. See User Groups for more information.

Users Rights Window


In the above Window displays the Rights" this User has been granted.

Users User Groups

This Window allows you to select the various User Groups this User is associated with. As this User is associated with more User Groups they will inherit more "Rights" from each User Group.

Users User Groups Window


Note: In the above Window select the User Groups with which this User should be associated and therefore inherit their "Rights".

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