ShopFloorManager User Group are associated with Users, Resource Collections, ISO9000 Sign-Off and Approval States, and any number of over 130 Rights from 11 Rights Categories. User Groups become Rolls depending on the Rights they are associated with. Create as many User Groups your Company Requires.

ShopFloorManager User Groups

Primer - User Groups

User Groups provide System Security & Feature Access Limitations by having assigned to them Limited System "Rights". Therefore Users assigned to these User Groups inherit these restricted "Rights" and thus System Access!

You can create any number of User Groups and each User Group can be associated with 10 different Categories with over 100 Individual Selectable "Rights". You can associate or disassociate a User from User Groups by just Dragging and Dropping them into or remove them from these User Groups. In other words instant Security & Access to ShopFloorManager for Users!

ShopFloorManager Runtime


Note: To quickly see how User Groups are used, on the above Runtime Application click on the Users Groups... Icon and see how to create & manage the User Groups Relationships. The following is Window is displayed showing a more detailed View.

User Groups' Window


User Groups Window Layout

The above Window displays the relationships between a User Group and: Users; User Group Rights; Resource Collections & Sign-Off States.

User Group Properties' Window



The above Window allows you to set a timeout for inactivity so if you are away from and open Window for the designated time the System will log itself off and you will need to re-login.

User Group Window "Resource Collections"


Select Resource Collection

The above Window allows you to select as many Resource Collections that you want to associate with this User Group so any User associated with this User Group has access to the DNC Files, Packets & CNC Machine Tools contained in these Resource Collections. What a User can do depends on their "Rights/Restrictions" given by this User Group and any inherited "Rights/Restrictions" from other User Groups they belong to.

User Group Window "Rights"



The above Window allows you to select a set of various "Rights" from up to 10 Categories with a total of more then 100 "Rights" so you can set any Access Limitations to ShopFloorManager: (html) you need. This is very flexible and what is needed in a highly sophisticated manufacturing organization.

User Group Window "Sign-Off States"


Sign-Off States

The above Window allows you to select a set of Sign-Off States that a User of this User Group has access to allowing them to Access any DNC Files & Packets in these Resource Collections should these DNC Files & Packets have been Approved to this Sign-Off Level. What this allows you to do is to restrict access to these DNC Files & Packets depending on the User Groups' Rights.

As an example suppose you have the same Resource Collection associated with two User Groups one that can has "Rights" to Sign-Off State_1 & Sign-Off State_2 and another with only "Rights" to Sign-Off State_2. Even though both Users have access to the same DNC Files & Packets User one has access to the DNC Files & Packets(CNC Travelers) in both Sign-Off States where User two only has access to DNC Files & Packets that are in ISO9000 Sign-Off State_2.

User Group Window "Users"



The above Window allows you to select the various "Users" who are to be associated with this User Group and thus gain the "Rights" that this User Group has. If a User belongs to multiple User Groups they will inherit the "Rights" from these User Groups subject to some restrictions based on the Resource Collections associated with each User Group.

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