ShopFloorManager's ISOApproval is used to create unique Approval Steps/States for your meeting ISO9000 requirements for DNC Files, Documents & Packets Approval and ISO Management. You can Create unique ISO9000 Sign-Off & Approval States for access by Users Approved for this particular Sign-Off State.

ShopFloorManager's Sign-Off and Approval States

Primer - Sign-Off & Approval States

Manufacturing Files, Drawings & Documents are used in the Manufacturing Process to convey a Part's Design Requirements and in Manufacturing to dictate the Processes used in its Manufacture. Since a Part's Design Requirements & Manufacturing Processes can change at any time it is imperative that only the Approved Documents & Manufacturing Processes are used in its Manufacture.

ShopFloorManager provides the Controls needed with its ISOApproval: (html) Module to meet the above Requirements. By Using ISOApproval you can create any number of ISO9000 Sign-Off and Approval States (See Sign-0ff Flow Charts for Controlling how Files, Documents & Packets move from Sign-Off State to Sign-Off State) so that Specific Users have access in a Specific Order to the associated Files, Documents & Packets as they move through the Manufacturing Processes. This insures that a Part can be manufactured to its design requirements in a specific sequence!

ShopFloorManager Runtime


Note: From the above ShopFloorManager Runtime Application you can click on the Sign-Off States... Icon for Creating & Managing Sign-Off State Relationships and their various Parameters. This Window, below, is used for Creating & Managing Sign-Off States. See Below.

Sign-Off States Window


Note: The above Window can be used to create a new Sign-Off State or to associate a particular Sign-Off State(s) with a User Group(s) so that its associated Users have Access to the Files, Documents & Packets associate with this Sign-Off State. Once Approved for this Sign-Off State they can't be accessed in this Sign-Off State again but move on to the the next Sign-Off State(See Sign-Off Flow Charts). As an example this Sign-Off State could be used to allow Lead Hand(s) access to Part Programs being developed during this Sign-Off State(Development/Process Stage). Once these Part Programs have been Approved for this Sign-Off State they move on to the next Sign-Off State if not completed(See Sign-Off Flow Charts)! You have control to any level needed to meet your various Requirements. To create a new Sign-Off State click the New Button and the following Window will be displayed.

Create a new Sign-Off States Window


Note: In the above Window Enter the name of the new Sign-Off State you want to Create click the OK Button and the following Window is Displayed.

Associating Sign-Off States with User Groups Window


Note: In the Window above you can associate User Groups with this New Sign-Off State so only the User(s) in the associated User Groups have Access to the "Approved" Files associate with this Sign-Off State.

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