Securely Manage & Control all of your Engineering, Manufacturing, Maintenance, Quality, Office... Packet Objects such as Drawings, Documents, Sub-Packets & Associated Shop Floor Data Enabling you to meet your & your Customer's Requirements while Maintaining ISO9000 Compliance!

ShopPacs: Manage of your Packets(Traveler Operations)

Primer - Manage Packets

ShopPacs is special type of Secure Container whose Paradigm can mimic: A Shop Floor Traveler; an Operation in a Traveler; an Engineering Project; A Group of Projects; A complete Project comprised of multiple Projects; When you need to keep related Documents, CNC Machine Files and other Packets in one place a Packets to the Rescue!

ShopPacs Can Contain Document, Drawings, CNC Machine Files, Sub-Packets... A Packet can contain any number of Sub-Packets, Documents, Files so no matter how complex of a Traveler, Project, Operation or Task is needed, ShopPacs provides the Security, Tools & Management you will need!

Use ShopPacs for downloading DNC Files, Viewing Documents... From within a Packet you can download CNC Machine Files, View Documents & DNC Files, Approve DNC Files & Documents in the Packet, Connect to External Applications passing any of its Documents to this Application. A Packet can also go through Approval & Sign-Off, etc.

ShopFloorManager Runtime


Note: From the above ShopFloorManager Runtime Application you can click on the Manage Packets Icon to access the complete Features and Functions used to Manage all of your Packets. See the following Window for a more detailed View.

Manage Packets Window


Manage Packets

The "Manage Packets" Window above provides all of the Tools needed by Engineering, CNC Machine Programmers, the Office and or Manufacturing to work with Packets(Sophisticated Containers) as would be used in Quality, Engineering, the Office & Manufacturing. Some of these Functions include: Creating Packets, Populating Packets with DNC Files, Controlled Documents, Sub-Packets & Uncontrolled Documents. The Manage Packets Window also allows selecting existing DNC Files and or Documents from within the Packets and opening these up in their appropriate Windows("Manage DNC Files Window" and or "Manage Documents Window"). You will then be able to modify and or managing these and if appropriate when finished to allow you to Drag & Drop these modified Files/Documents back into the Packet.

You can also View any one or all of the various DNC Files & Documents stored in the Packet(CNC Traveler) in their Native Application or by selecting any appropriate Third-Party Viewer/Application. There is also an Optional Viewer AutoVue which supports over 200 different formats is a read only Applications. Packets are also controlled like any other ISO Document which means they can include Sign-Off & Approval, History Reports, etc. From within the Manage Packets Window you can also Create and Manage Virtual File Cabinets for storage of Packets(CNC Traveler) for better management.

There are over 28 different functions available to Manage and Control your Packets and it's Files & Documents. Access to these functions is determined by what User Groups this particular User belongs to which in turn determines the "Rights" of this User. After selecting the Packet(CNC Traveler) and or Packet combination of DNC File, Document, Machine Tool, etc. you want to work with click on the Icon for the feature you want or right click the mouse and select from the various options.

An Example Data Relation View

As an Example the "View" displayed above could be used by Engineer, Programmer, Managers, etc. to control, manage & view his or her Packets/Files/Documents. This "View" would allow the User to view this Data Relationship that involves CNC Machine Tools, Resource Collections(Repository for DNC Files & Packets) & File Cabinets. By creating the appropriate Virtual File Cabinets & Resource Collections and setting the appropriate "Rights" a User can control and manage all of the Packets/Files/Documents that are their responsibility.

Data Relationship Views

There are well over 60 x (number of different Approval States) Different possible Data Relationship Views that can easily be selected & set so CNC Machine Operators, Engineers, Administrators, etc. can view Packets, CNC Machine Tool Files, Manufacturing Documents & Sub-Packets within the context of their responsibilities. This particular "View", see below, chosen by this User will be saved so the next time they login the same "View" will be displayed.

DNC Data File Relationships View Window


Selecting Views

You can select the best Data Relationship "View" that serves your needs by choosing from the various option settings as shown in the above Window.

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