ShopFloorManager's provides an Integrated Machine Configuration Management Window for Creating, Selecting, Configuring & Assigning: Parameters; Protocols; Conversions; Remote Requests, Users; User Groups, Resource Collections, Access Rights, Approval Flow Charts and more!

ShopFloorManger's Machine Tool Configuration Window

Machine Configuration Overview

ShopFloorManager provides a CNC Machine Tool Configuration Window for Creating/Selecting, Configuring & Assigning: DNC Communication's Parameters; Protocols; Conversions; Remote Request Parameters, User Groups, Resource Collections, and more!

ShopFloorManager Machine's Window presents a Configuration View of establishing how Machine Tools are related to User Groups(thus Users & Users' "Rights"), Resource Collections(thus DNC Files, Packets), besides being used to establish all of the Machine Tool CNC Communications Parameters. Following explains how this View is used for Configuring these Resources:

ShopFloorManager Runtime


Note: From the above ShopFloorManager Runtime Application you can click on the Machines... Icon to configure your Machine Tools Relationships and various Parameters. See the following Window for a more detailed View.

Machine Configuration Window


Looking in the above Window you can see the how Resource Collections, User Groups & CNC Machine Tool are related. You will also see other relationships involving ISO9000 Sign-Offs, Rights, Users, etc. quickview of which are in other pages on this Web View.

Resource Collections

Resource Collections are special Containers for DNC Files & Packets(see Manage Packets) and are associated with User Groups(see User Groups) which provide secure access to all of ShopFloorManager'sTM Features/Resources. By correctly Associating & Managing User Groups/Resource Collections to Machine Tools you can assure that the correct DNC Files are available for downloading and uploading to and from a CNC Machine Tool. By associating Resource Collections with two access modes(see below) available for each Machine Tool you can control whether DNC Files that are uploaded are separated from DNC Files that are downloaded so these uploaded files can be reviewed and approved by an Administrator before further use.

Resource Collections Available for Queuing

"Resource Collections Available for Queuing" is a configurable collection of Resource Collections which are available to the associated Machine Tool for downloading. Thus any DNC Files contained in this collection of Resource Collections are available to the associated Machine Tool.

Resource Collections That Contain Received DNC Files

"Resource Collections That Contain Received DNC Files" can be a collection of Resource Collections that will be used for DNC Files Uploaded from a CNC Machine Tool while being separated from DNC Files that can be Downloaded.

This Scenario would be used if you want to review any DNC File(s) uploaded from the Machine Tool before use/reuse. I.E. You edited and existing file on a CNC Machine Tool, You created a new File on a CNC Machine Tool, You have just installed ShopFloorManager and you want to upload and save all of the Machine Tool's DNC Files.

Note: If you don't Edit DNC Files on the Shop Floor you would not assign Resource Collections to "Resource Collections That Contain Received DNC Files" and thus stop this User from uploading DNC Files. Other Users with the correct set of "Rights" would be able to upload DNC Files from this Machine Tool. I.E. Lead Hand; Administrator, etc.
User Groups

User Groups are the Containers for Resource Collections, Sign-Off States & Users. You can create any number of User Groups and each User Group can be associated with 10 different Categories with a total of 100 Individual "Rights". When a User is associated with a User Group they inherit the "Rights" from this User Group and any additional "Rights" of any other User Group with which they are associated.

Any number of User Groups can be created with individual "Rights" allowing you to control Access to ShopFloorManager: (html) to any level required. You can associate or disassociate a User from User Groups by just Dragging and Dropping them into or remove them from these User Groups. In other words instant Security & Access to ShopFloorManager: (html) for Users!

Machines Properties General

The main settings you can configure in "Machines Properties General Window" are the Window's Host Computers you can associate this Machine Tool by using the Drop Down list and which Serial Port associated with the selected Host Computer for this Machine Tool.

Machines Properties General Window


The above Window also allows other settings which should be changed only by an installation technician.

Machines Properties Communications

This Window allows you to configure all of the CNC communication parameters need to provide RS232 communications with the associated Machine Tool. If you have selected UNC or FTP in the Protocol Window this Window would be greyed out since you would not be using RS232.

Machines Properties Communications Window


Note: in the above Window you can set the Send & Receive Parameters different if your control supports & needs this! In general select the "Use the same serial port settings for sending and for receiving" as there are speed enhancements associated with this setting. Use the drop down lists for selecting the correct setting. This is normally done by an installation technician.

Machines Properties Protocol

This Window allows you to configure the DNC Protocol, Data Type, Send & Receive Parameters, BTR Parameters(if used) and Remote Command Parameters for this CNC Machine Tool. You can customize all of the setting for any type of CNC Machine Tool!

Machines Properties Protocol Window


Note in the above Window when you select the various Tabs there will be other settings displayed allowing you complete control of all options in this Window!

Machines Properties Conversions

This Window allows you to configure the End of Block Conversions(normally this doesn't change), Comment settings, Trimming of Headers & Trailers(normally not used) and for automatic insertion of Event Commands in existing DNC Files(This is used if you have the Machine & Production Monitoring Option).

Machines Properties Conversions Window


Note: in the above Window when you select the various Tabs there will be other settings displayed allowing you complete control of all options in this Window!

Machines Properties Flow Charts

Assuming you are using ShopFloorManager's File Approval Methodology(ISO9000 Compliance) this Window allows you to select the Machine Tools' Default Flow Chart(Approval Sequence) which will be associate with an uploaded File when a Flow Chart selection conflict exists! Note: A File can only be associate with one Flow Chart.

For example when uploading a File from a Machine Tool its automatically assigned the Flow Chart associated with the Machine Tools' associated Resource Collection if there is only one Resource Collection! Since Machine Tools can be associated with multiple Resource Collections there can be a conflict. When this conflict exists the default Flow Chart for this Machine Tool will be chosen.

Note: See the Sections on Sign-Off States & Sign-Off Flow Charts for more details!

Machines Properties Flow Charts Window


Note: in the above Window when you select the various Tabs there will be other settings displayed allowing you complete control of all options in this Window!

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