Use ShopFloorManager's ShopMonitor to Create, Manage, Collect, Report & Display Real-Time Charts of CNC Machine Events, Manufacturing Production Events, Maintenance Events, etc. With ShopMonitor if you can Think of what you want to collect whether Production, Probe Measurements.... you can Create it!

ShopMonitor's Machine Event & Production Monitoring

Primer - Manage Events

ShopMonitor is the ShopFloorManager: (html) Module for Efficiently Creating, Managing & Collecting Real-Time CNC Machine Events, Production Events, etc. You can use ShopMonitor: (html) to Collect, Record, Manage & Generate Reports For: OEE Charts, Cycle Counts, Cycle Times, CNC Idle Times, CNC Cycle Start, CNC Cycle End, CNC Cycle Time, Probe Macro Measurement, CNC Machine Tool Changes, Feed Rate Override, Machine Hold, etc.

Most modern CNC's have the capability to send customized messages out there RS-232 port during part program execution. The most common example of this is the DPRNT statement included with FANUC's Macro B option. ShopMonitor is designed to "listen" for messages sent out from CNC Machine Tools and almost any kind of message can be constructed and DPRNTed out of the CNC. CNC Machine Event Signatures as created in ShopMonitor's Event Monitoring Software and when CNC Macro DPRNT Prints out of a CNC ShopMonitor will capture, parse and store these Events in it's database to use for ShopReports.

ShopFloorManager Runtime


Note: From the above ShopFloorManager Runtime Application you can click on the Show CNC Machine Event Status Icon to view the Event Status of the Selected Machine Tools. See the following Window for a more detailed View.

Machine Events Status Window


The above Window displays the selected CNC Machine Tools you want to Monitor for Real-Time CNC Machine Events. The "Stop Light Icon" is used to indicate if a CNC Machine Tool is Running(Green Light) or Stopped(Red Light) and the Status Bar above this Window displays the various data being collected based on your criteria for this CNC Machine Event's Criteria. (See below)

Looking at the various Headings in the Status Bar you can see the data being displayed Real-Time and collect in ShopFloorManager's Database. The User Defined Event data being collected/displayed includes: the Last Event; CNC Machine Tool File; Present Status; %Run; %Idle; Elapsed Time; CNC Cycle Counts; Start & End Times; Tool Number, Probe Macro Measurement Value, etc. This data is collected and stored in the ShopFloorManager Database for generating Customer Configurable Reports.

Note: Create the Machine Events that you want to collect not what we think is correct.

Machine Event History Reports Icon


In the above Window click on the "Display CNC Machine Tool Event History Reports" Icon and the following Window will be displayed.

Note: You can also directly click on one of the Machines being displayed in the "Machine Status Window".

ShopMonitor Database Reports - CNC Machine Events Window


In the ShopMonitor Database Reports Window above you can select from nine different categories for generating reports. We will take a quick look at the various Categories and give a brief description. Click on the Machine Events selection and you can see that some the greyed out text on the form and Buttons are now black indicating which options are active and which Buttons you can click these to perform various actions. Click the "Edit Filter Button" and the following Window will be displayed. The most used are: CNC Machine Events Reports, CNC Machine Utilization Chart & CNC Machine Utilization 7-Day History Chart

Edit Filter Window


The ShopMonitor Edit Report Filter Window allows you to select the CNC Machine Tools, Start/End Days/Times, CNC Machine Tool Event: Item; Item & Value; Identifier CNC Machine Tool File, and Shop Floor Machine Operator Shift Times. Select the various setting that server you needs and click the OK Button and the previous Window will be displayed with the modified settings you selected.

ShopMonitor Database Reports Modified - Machine Events Window


In the ShopMonitor Database Reports Modified Window above you can see the changes that you made in the Edit Filter Window. If this Filter is one that you will use over and over you can click on the "Save Filter Template" Button and save it as an unique name so you can select if from the "Select Filter Template" Button the next time without redoing the Filter. Click on the "Show All" Button to ignore the Filter and show All Events or click on the "Show Filtered" Button to display a Report according to the settings you made. Clicking on the Show Filtered" Button displays the following Window/Report.

Machine Events Report


The above Reports displays all of the Raw Machine Events per your criteria. It is this data that is used to create and display other Machine Event Reports. Now close this Report, change the Filter to remove the Filter By Event Value(CNC Probe Measurement) and click on the Sessions Report and the Following Window will be displayed.

Machine Session Report


The above Report displays all of the Machine Event Sessions per the Criteria set in the "Edit Filter" Window. Sessions are the Start & Ending Times of all Cycles in other words these are the records of all of the completed Cycles.

Close this Report and click on the "Utilization 7 Day History Report" and the following Intelligent Real-Time Chart will be displayed.

ShopCharts 7 Day Report


The above ShopCharts Report displays the CNC Machine Tool Utilizations for the 7 days as established in the "Edit Filter" Window. These are individual Charts for each CNC Machine Tool and can be zoomed & intelligently interrogated by a simple click of the Mouse. This click will reveal the individual data for each Machine Event with dates & times. No need to generate a Paper Report it's all there a click away.

Move the mouse over SuiteChart and click drag the mouse over the area of ShopCharts that you want to Zoom in on and the following Zoomed Section will be displayed.

Zoomed ShopCharts 7 Day Report


You can now click on the Zoomed Cells(Machine Events) and the data for that Event is displayed in the upper Right hand Window of ShopCharts.

Note: If you would like to view Real-Time updated Charts of current events close this Window and click on the "Machine Utilization Chart" and the following Window will be displayed.

Machine Utilization Chart


The CNC Machine Utilization Chart show above is continually updated with new Machine Events displaying Real-Time CNC Machine Utilizations!

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