Using ShopEMail you can EMail from CNCs, Email Files, Documents, Packets.... Configure ShopEMail to automatically zip (normal zip or self extracting zip) your Files, Documents & Packets and EMail them using a selected Distribution List! Click EMail all your Files, Documents or Packets to anywhere in the World!

ShopEMailTM Keeping in Touch WorldWide

Primer - Emails(Contacts)

Emails have become ubiquitous in most applications by providing a universal way to send data & messages. ShopFloorManager has an integrated ShopEMail: (html) so you can Automatically and or Manually send Data(DNC Files, Documents & Packets) & Messages via your EMail from within ShopFloorManager: (html) including from the "Manage DNC Files' Window", "Manage Documents' Window" & "Manage Packets' Window". ShopFloorManager'sTM EMail will automatically create a zipped file(normal zip or self extracting zip) for your Files, Documents & Packets before EMailing them to your chosen Distribution List!

You can even send Emails from CNCs. These CNC Emails can be sent Automatically via CNC Macros or Manually by CNC Users punching-out a pre-configured EMail message (DNC File(s) containing EMail Commands in comment fields). These CNC EMail Messages can include input from CNC Users by modifying the Message Field in the Comment Line(s) before punching-out.

Note: This specific feature can be useful to an CNC operator if they need to notify personnel a problems, events, etc. By using Macros to generate EMail messages you can Automatically notify a User or User(s) of Event(s) occurring at a CNC.

ShopFloorManager Runtime Contacts... Icon


Note: From the above ShopFloorManager Runtime Application you can click on the Contacts... Icon to manage the Email Contact Relationships and various Parameters. See the following Window for a more detailed View.

Contacts-EMail Window


Note: The above Window displays the EMail relationships between Distribution Lists & ShopFloorManager Users.

EMail Properties Overview

In order for ShopFloorManager: (html) to be able to EMail Data & Messages it needs the following information added to the Form below: Full Name; Organization; Job Title; File As; E-Mail Address; Display!

You can create as many EMail Contacts as needed. These Contacts will then be associated with Distribution List(s)(See below) which contain one or more of these EMail Contacts.

EMail Properties Window


EMail Associated Distribution List

For this EMail User you can select the various Distribution Lists they will belong to by checking off the lists in the right hand Window. This list needs to be associated with a Distribution List in order to EMail any Data and or Messages.

EMail Associated Distribution List Window


EMail Associated Users

For this EMail address you can select the various Users they will belong to by checking off the lists in the right hand Window. This list will associate any EMails sent out with this EMail address so a Recipient will know from whom the message/data came.

EMail Associated Users Window


Note: The above Window allows you to select the Users associated with EMail Contact.

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