When you need to Send Emails to more than one person you can create Email Distributions Lists for Automatically Connecting ShopFloorManager's Data, Events & Messages to your Customers, Vendors, Managers & Users of ShopFloorManager and to Contacts World-Wide if Required! Point, Click & Email!.

Email Distribution Lists

Primer - Distribution Lists

Create Email Distributions Lists for Securely and Automatically Connecting ShopFloorManager'sTM Data, Events & Messages to the Managers & Users of ShopFloorManager and to contacts World-Wide if Required!

ShopFloorManager allows you to create Distribution List of Contacts where these Lists are related regarding receiving EMail with the messages or events that are relevant as a "Group". I.E. A group of Quality Control Engineers working on the same project and a particular part being processed on a CNC Machine Tool has Event Generated regarding a Quality Attribute.

ShopFloorManager Runtime Distribution Lists... Icon


Note: From the above ShopFloorManager Runtime Application you can click on the Distribution Lists... Icon to manage the Distribution Lists Relationships and various Parameters. See the following Window for a more detailed View.

Email Distribution Lists Window


Emails New Distribution List

Note: The following Window allows you to create New Distribution Lists which is used to associate EMail Contacts with this list.

Email New Distribution List Window


Emails Associated Contacts

Note: The following Window allows you to associate the EMail contacts with a Distribution List(s). Create as many Unique Distribution Lists as needed.

Emails Associated Contacts Window


Note: The above Window displays all of the Distribution Lists and the associated EMail Recipients for each List.

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