ShopCNC Communications' Engine supports Real-Time Communications for Transfer of DNC Files, Macro Events, Remote Requests(Operators Requests), Probe Measurements, Maintenance, etc.! This Engine can be deployed on any number of Workstations allowing for real-time load balancing(on-the-fly Emergency).

Bi-Directional CNC Communications for Wireless, RS-232, UNC & FTP Machine Tools

Primer - Communications Engine

The CNC Communications Engine is a Flexible Integrated Application with build in communications load balancing capabilities so Administrators can simultaneously deploy it on multiple Workstations for on-the-fly communication's load balancing. Each of these instances provides Full Communications To and From any number of unique Machine Tools.

These instances are responsible for passing any remote requests, emails, uploaded DNC Files and CNC Machine Events back to ShopFloorManager where these are processed and checked by EventAware: (html) Technologies to assure that all of ShopFloorManager's Users & Applications are continually in Sync.

The CNC Communications Engine also provides a detailed view of what is happening at each of the Machine Tools it is servicing such as uploads, downloads, remote requests, port availability, communication errors, general errors, etc.

ShopFloorManager's CNC Communications Engine

Responsible for Sending & Capturing All Machine Events, Cycle Counts, Files, etc. to and from the CNC

The CNC Communications Engine is the Module that provides the RS232, FTP or UNC Communication's between ShopFloorManager: (html) and all of the Machine Tools on your Shop Floor. It is also responsible for capturing any data output from the CNC Controllers such as: DNC Files, CNC Remote Request Commands or CNC Machine Events and passing these on the CNC Communications Helper which parses , processes, determines & sends responses if needed and records all of the associated Events in ShopFloorManager: (html).

Status of Remote Requests, Queues, RS-232 Status on multiple PCs supporting Off-Loading of Heavy Communications

The CNC Communications Server provides a Global View of Each Machine Tool's: State(receiving, sending), Repeat, Load Mode, Bytes Received, Bytes Sent, remote requests, etc. This View is also a visual indication of all the Machine Tools being serviced by this Workstation. It should be noted that if the communications load is too great for this Workstation ShopFloorManager allows you to run the CNC Communications Engine on multiple Workstations for load balancing. This feature is also a lifesaver should this Workstation fail during normal operations since it only takes a few minutes to reconfigure a new Communication's Workstation minimizing downtime so normal operations can continue.

Operates Independently of all of ShopFloorManager's other Applications

The CNC Communications Server Application operates independently co-existing with ShopFloorManager's RunTime, Maintenance Engine, Communications Helper, DNC File Editor, etc. on any Workstation connected to the network so you can selectively operate these Applications on the Workstations best suited for your Operations!

Captures Errors and Records them in Errors Logs

It supports SuitFactory's Unique Error Capturing Feature, ShopManagerErrorLog: (html), which Captures & Reports all CNC Errors that are encountered such as Network Unavailability, CNC Communications Port Unavailability, etc. and Logs it to the Error Log.

When an Error is captured a Greenie Face Icon is display on the Status Bar which allows you to click on this and view the Error Quick-view. When Errors happen, which they do, we don't shrug our shoulders say its not us we record the facts so we can help you our customer and ourselves by using these logs to locate bugs, network instabilities, etc. and produce a more stable ShopFloorManager: (html).

Communications Engine

Communications Engine's Status Bar

The Status Bar at the Bottom of the Communications Window provides information on this Workstation, date, time, errors and communications mode!

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