Use ShopFloorManager's ThirdPartyTools to create any number of Communication Channels to any of your External Third-Party Applications accessing these Applications while securely storing their Files & or Documents in ShopFloorManager. Then Access them using ShopFloorManager for Processing, Viewing....

ThirdPartyToolsTM an Enterprise Class Module

ThirdPartyTools'TM Creates Secure Third-Party Gateways

The Third-Party Application Problem

When trying to manage all of your Files & Documents you also have to manage the Applications with which they are associated. If you are like most Manufacturing Organizations you have many disparate Applications that are used on a daily basis! For each of these Applications you will need to manage its Files/Documents! Managing these Application's Files & Documents securely can be one more challenge add to your plate.

A Third-Party Application Solution

It would be helpful if all of these Files/Documents could be Automatically Securely Managed from one location where Revisions, Deletions and Third-Party Access could be completely controlled.

ThirdPartyToolsTM The Solution to the Third-Party Application Problem

ThirdPartyToolsTM supports Creation of Secure Third-Party Gateways to External Applications. This Allows you to select a File or Document from ShopFloorManager'TM Database so you Can: View, Edit, Copy, Rename, etc. using the Third-Party External Application and then store these "Documents" in ShopFloorManager'TM database so you can later Control & Manage all these from within ShopFloorManager: (html).

ThirdPartyTools'TM Basics Include:

ThirdPartyTools'TM Copy & Open allows you to:

ThirdPartyTools'TM Check-Out & Edit allows you to:

ThirdPartyTools'TM Continue to Edit a Checked-Out allows you to:

ThirdPartyTools'TM Check-In Edited File allows you to:

ThirdPartyTools'TM Abandon Edits & Check-In allows you to:

ThirdPartyTools: (html)

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