ShopFloorManager's ShopPacs is special type of Container which can mimic a Shop Floor Traveler, an Operation in a Traveler; A complete Project comprised of multiple Tasks. It contain DNC Files, Documents, Sub-Packets and be controlled just like any other File or Document meeting ISO9000 Requirements!

ShopPacs an Enterprise Class Module

ShopPacs for your Travelers, Projects, Operations, Tasks...

ShopPacs A Special Secure Container

ShopPacs: (html) is special type of Secure Container whose Paradigm can mimic: A Shop Floor Traveler; an Operation in a Traveler; an Engineering Project; A Group of Projects; A complete Project comprised of multiple Projects; When you need to keep related Documents, Files and other Packets in one place a Packets to the Rescue!

ShopPacs Can Contain Document, Drawings, File, Sub-Packets...

A Packet can contain any number of Sub-Packets, Documents, Files so no matter how complex of a Traveler, Project, Operation or Task is needed, ShopPacs provides the Security, Tools & Management you will need!

Use ShopPacs for downloading DNC Files, Viewing Documents...

From within a Packet you can download DNC Files, View Documents & DNC Files, Approve N/C Files & Documents in the Packet, Connect to External Applications passing any of its Documents to this Application. A Packet can also go through Approval & Sign-Off, etc.

Packet Basics Include:

Selectable Structure Views:

ISOApprovalTM Support with Structures

ISOApproval: (html)

ThirdPartyToolsTM Support

Extensive File Management Support

File & Document Viewer Support

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