File Cabinets have been around for centuries allowing you to organize & store all of your files, documents & Packets. With the advent of Technology there is exponentially more data & needs for quick access that only a Digital Equivalent can provide! VirtualFileCabinets today's File Cabinet Paradigm!

VirtualFileCabinets Virtual File Cabinets

Organize Your World!

Files, Documents & Drawings are Everywhere!

If you are involved in any part of Manufacturing, Engineering, Quality or just Office Documentation, you are continually working on many different projects simultaneously with Files, Documents & Drawings which are Strewn over your Desk, Floor, Tacked on your walls, placed in File Cabinets, Everywhere!

Legacy File Cabinets

In order to deal with all these tasks you need to handle, organize, file and store what seems to be a never ending number of files, documents, drawings, etc. A major helper in dealing with these tasks are the Legacy File Cabinets! They are a God-sent for helping you Control & Organize all your Files & Documents. But!

File Cabinets are Invaluable but Cumbersome!

File Cabinet are great but using them requires an enormous amount of time to locate, organize and store your Files, Documents, Drawings, etc. Later, when you need to locate these Files, Documents, Drawings, you have to remove and or copy them, set a Lock(message) if these are being modified and are not to be used in Production, find a place to store them locally: Desk, Wall, Floor, etc. File Cabinets are Invaluable but Cumbersome. Let's admit it a lot of the Time the Documents never make it back into the File Cabinet! There has to be a better way! For more Control and Time Savers see ShopPacs: (html)!

Note: If you modify these documents this can cause more headaches & problems but not if you are are using ShopFloorManager: (html)! We automatically take care of these updates including the secure storage.

File Cabinets

File Cabinets have been around for a Century or more. They have provided a place for organizing and storing of all of your important & unimportant documents. All you had to do was to purchase another piece of "furniture" and find a home for it! Depending on where it's home was, it could take personnel a considerable amount of time to locate, store & access their documents. What about Security? If you needed security you had to use a Lock. As with all technologies, at onetime it was a time saver but now a time waster!

Solution: VirtualFileCabinets

File Cabinets a Standard Solution

The standard solution for organizing files and documents has been to use the trusted File Cabinet with numerous draws, dividers & folders. File Cabinets have been used for centuries to organization files and now ShopFloorManager: (html) has developed the electronic paradigm of the File Cabinet, "VirtualFileCabinets: (html)"!

VirtualFileCabinets is Secure and Requires no Space

VirtualFileCabinets requires no space, can be accessed from any ShopFloorManager Client, has no restriction on number of Draws, Dividers, Folders and has any number of Locks for any Draw, Divider and or Folders! File Once & Access Any Place Securely!

Lock Your File Cabinets: VirtualFileCabinets - Password Protected

Need to provide a "Lock" for your File Cabinet Security? ShopFloorManagerTM provides a " Lock" that allows you to establish access levels for any File Cabinet thereby limiting access to only authorized Users.

Management: VirtualFileCabinets No File Clerk Needed. Just Drag & Drop them!

Want to do it Right? File Them Yourself!

Remember when you had a clerk file your documents and you had to explain what needed to be done? Instead of explaining to your clerk what needs to done just Drag & Drop your Files, Documents, Packets & File Cabinets and ShopFloorManager will securely Organize and Manage all them for you.

Not happy with the Structure?

Not happy with the Structure you can Drag any Draw, Divider or Folder anywhere in the Structure. Happy with the Base structure and want to copy it!

Drag your Window Structure into ShopFloorManager

Want to duplicate what you have in a Window's File Structure. Drag it in with all of it's Files & Documents and away you go! ShopFloorManager Cool!

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