Use ShopFloorManager's CNCCables if you have legacy cabling in your Shop or if your CNCs never will be moved! Traditional fixed Cabling may be appropriate for connecting your CNCs to your DNC Communications Server! However if you are like most Manufacturing Facilities, your going Lean? See ShopWireless!

CNCCables Traditional ShopFloorManager Hardware Media

CNCCables, Ethernet Serial Hubs and Adapters

Ethernet Serial Hubs, Adapters and CNCCables: (html) Server Support are part of the ShopFloorManager: (html) family of traditional components used to connect CNC Machine Tools to ShopFloorManager's DNC Network.

If you already have a legacy infrastructure using RS232 cabling or your CNC Machine Tools will never be moved, Traditional Communications Media may be appropriate. If you are setting your manufacturing shop floor up for Lean Practices and the use of Traditional media for Machine Tool Communications is a bottle neck see ShopWirelessTM offerings.

Ethernet Serial Hubs

Note: Ethernet Serial Hubs for DNC can be placed anywhere a network connection exists:

Serial Adapters

Note: Serial Adapters can be placed in any network computer:


Note: CNCCables for all of you legacy CNC Communications needs:

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