ShopFloorManager's ISOApproval provides ISO9000 Control & Management of Approval & Release of your all of your Files, Documents, & Packets from their Birth to their Death. This includes Release & Death dates, Sign-Off & Approval Flow Charts, Controlled Check-Out/Check-In.. and Much More!

ISOApproval An ISO9000 Module

ISOApproval for Approving Files, Documents & Packets

The Unapproved File Problem

In most Manufacturing Operations there are thousands of Files & Documents used in the manufacturing process. These Files & Documents are continually being added, obsoleted, deleted, approved & unapproved for Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality, etc! Controlling these processes can be and ISO9000 nightmare. Trying to document any Engineering Changes, Files Accessed, etc. during the approval process is almost impossible!

An Unapproved File Solution

Wouldn't it be nice to have an Application the control who determines when a File or Document is Approved, When it is Approved, what Flow it should go through to be Approved, who should be able to access the File or Document during the Flow and the final release?

Approving Files, Documents & Packets For Valid Users at Valid Times

Designed To Meet ISO9000 Requirements

ISOApproval was designed so that your Manufacturing, Quality, Engineering & Office Departments can Control the multi-stage Approval & Release of Files, Documents & Packets into your Manufacturing Environment meeting ISO9000 requirements.

Includes Birth to Death File Release Dates

This can be accomplished by creating customer specific Approval Criteria Processes which can include Birth to Death Release Dates; Multi-Stage ISO9000 Sign-Off & Approvals for all DNC Files, Documents & Packets; Controlled Check-Out/Check-In of All Third-Party Files & Documents using ThirdPartyTools in conjunction with ISOApproval; Automatic Archiving and Complete Histories of Activated, Obsoleted and Deleted Files & Documents.

How ISOApproval Works

Files, Documents & Packets Traverses a list of Sign-Off States

In essence using the ISOApproval methodology requires that a "File", "Document" and or "Packet" traverses a list of Sign-Off States (Approval Stages) which individually need to be Approved before that "File", "Document" and or "Packet" is fully Approved for "Release into Production".

Users can only access these Files associated with a particular Sign-Off State

As the UnApproved "File" traverses the various Sign-Off States only a User(s) belonging to a User Group with sign-off rights for that Sign-Off State can approve the "File", "Document" and or "Packet" and only if it is in a Pending Sign-Off & Approval State! Once it has been approved for that Sign-Off State a User(s) can no longer access it as it Automatically moves to the next Sign-Off & Approval State unless they belong to a User Group which has the appropriate Rights!

User Groups Control User Access to Approved Files

By placing Users in the Appropriate User Group/Sign-Off State Combinations you have full control over who can access Approved & Unapproved "Files", "Documents" and or Packets". Using ShopReports you can view immediately in which Sign-Off & Approval State any "File", "Document" and or "Packet" is located! As an item moves from one Sign-Off & Approval State to another any User that is responsible for the Approve & Sign-Off of that item(s) will Automatically be notified of the Pending need to Approve it!

ISOApproval's Basics Include:

ISOApproval's Advanced

ISOApproval's Automatic Reminder

Note: ISOApproval: (html) Allows any User in a User Group to ISO9000 Sign-Off Waiting Files for that User Group and only reminds them when it's their turn to Sign-Off a File, Document and or Packet.

ISOApproval: (html)

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