ShopFloorManager can help you Manage your Company Efficiently by allowing you to create various Company Rolls needed to complete it's Tasks! This is accomplished by creating any number of User Groups assigning various "Rights" from 11 Categories of over 130 "Rights", thus defining the various Company Rolls.

UserGroups: Protecting your Company's Assets

Creating all of your Company's Rolls

User Groups: Defining your Company's Rolls

A company's employees play many different and at times conflicting Rolls. A company needs, in fact, is probably required to control & limit employee's access to systems based on the Rolls they play within their organizations. ShopFloorManager provides a critical feature for creating any Roll from the ground up! From within ShopFloorManager a company can create as many Rolls(User Groups) as needed to set any level of System Security and Data & Feature Access through the selective assignment of over 100 System "Rights" from over 10 Categories. Users can then be assigned to a User Group inheriting the restricted "Rights" of this User Group! A User inherits the individual "Rights" of every User Group to which he/she is assigned.

You can associate or disassociate a User from User Groups by just Dragging and Dropping them into or remove them from these User Groups. In other words instant Security & Access to ShopFloorManager's Features & Data a User plays different Rolls!

User Groups Provide Secure Access to:

Creating User Groups

We will be creating a User Group with specific "Rights" for Creators of Sign-Off States & Sign-Off Flow Charts. We will also be creating a User Group with specific "Rights" for Approvers who only have Rights to sign-off "Sign-Off Flow Chart's States" for specific Files & Documents! Let's get started by starting ShopFloorManager's Runtime Application.

ShopFloorManager Runtime: User Groups... Icon


Note: On the ShopFloorManager Runtime Application above click on the User Groups Icon and the following Window will be displayed.

ShopFloorManager: User Groups

As you can see below we have used ShopFloorManager's Hierarchal Feature to separate the various Rolls that are played by Users of ShopFloorManager. This Feature makes it crystal clear which Users have which Rolls. We have created a User Groups Structure called UserGroupsCreator to which we will be adding a User Group for creating User Groups States & User Groups Flow Charts!

Note: Users inherit their "Rights" from the User Groups they belong to so care must be taken to avoid Roll Cross-Over Right Conflicts!


Note: Click on the Hierarchal Structure UserGroupsCreator and then click the New button and the following Window will be displayed.

New User Group

We will be naming this User Group "Creator" to signify that its Users have the Roll of Creating User Groups States & Flow Charts.


Note: Fill in the Name field and click on the OK button and the following updated User Group Window will be displayed.

User Group: Rights

In the Window below click on the plus sign next to "Creators" and all of pluses next to its list of "Objects". At this time we will only be concentrating on selection of "Rights" associated with this User Group. There are 10 Categories from which to chose we will only be setting "Rights" for one of these Categories which will be for DNC Files. Others are similar!

In the following Window you can see we have selected User Group "Creators". We have expanded all of the "Objects" that are associated with this User Group for clarity. Normally you would have to click on the plus sign next to each "Object" to expand these Objects. We have highlighted the Rights.


Note: Click on the plus sign next to the DNC File Rights "Object" and you will see the right hand Window display all the "Rights" for DNC Files. See the Window Below.

User Group "Creator" - DNC File Rights

There are over 55 individual "Rights" that can be set for the DNC File Rights Category. For Users that need to Create User Groups States & User Groups Flow Charts we will only need to set 5 of these Rights.

Note: You may be tempted to add more Categories and or "Rights" to this User Group so it encompasses more Rolls but since it is possible that there may be Roll Cross-Rights conflicts that may be very difficult to sort out later we Strongly Suggest You DON'T!

In fact in general you should create specific Rolls with specific "Rights" and associate a User with multiple User Groups if you want a User to have multiple Rolls. Then should there be a conflict it is an easy matter to remove a User from a User Group to resolve conflicts.

Select 5 DNC File Rights
  1. Access Files in Accessible File Cabinets with Any Resource Collection Assignment
  2. Access Unapproved DNC Files
  3. Edit DNC File Approval and Signoff
  4. View DNC File Approval and Signoff
  5. View Mode All Files->Machines and Resource Collections

Note: You will notice that we have associated "Creators" User Group with a User called "Creator". Later when this User logs into ShopFloorManager as the User "Creator" he/she will only be able to Create User Groups States & User Groups Flow Charts because of the limited "Rights" given to this User Group!

We are now ready to create the User Group(s) that are responsible for Approving Files as the move through the User Groups Flow Chart Stages and the various Approval User Groups States.

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