ShopFloorManager can help you stop Losing Money! Create your own Production, Maintenance.... Programs and see your Profits & Losses in Real-Time! You do want to know what's going on your Shop, Right? Production, Maintenance, First Piece Inspection! If you can Think It, ShopMonitor Can Create it!

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"How To(s)"

This section of the Website is dedicated to the "How To(s)" that illustrate how to use ShopFloorManager's Features & Capabilities so you can Plan, Organize & Manage your Shop Floor's Resources. This will allow you to Control Production, Quality, Maintenance & other Resources so you can Collect, Store & Display how your Shop's Resources are being utilized & what the present activity is on your Shop Floor. The Real Underlining Pinnings of these "How To(s)" is the data that is being continually collected, stored and analyzed then Graphically Displayed in forms that will immediately convey to Users the present "State" of the Shop Floor.

Detailed Events/Data in Real-Time!

For example if you're using ShopCharts to display Production Status and it indicates that a Resources' Utilization is below expectations you can get a more detailed view of the relevant data by Selecting & Zooming in on a relevant time frame on ShopCharts and then selecting the Event(s) in question by clicking on a particular Event(s). All of this Event's ! No Need to Generate Reports! This is contrary to most Competitor's Charting Applications that are really non-interactive and Sterile. Our Competitor's Charting Applications may indicate various problems on the Shop Floor but that's it! To find out what the problem is you will need to find it elsewhere. Not with ShopCharts, just Zoom, Click & View!

ShopFloorManager's Suite of Applications Addressing the needs of Manufacturing Businesses

Managing your Shop is A Snap

ShopMangerTM(pdf) or ShopManager: (html)
  • System Management SystemSecurity: (html)
  • Organization VirtualFileCabinets: (html)
  • Shop Monitoring: ShopMonitor: (html)
  • Manual Input: ShopMDI: (html)
  • Communications: ShopDNC: (html)
  • CNC's Speak: CNCFileRequester: (html)
  • Give CNCs Help: CNCHelpFiles: (html)
  • Organize & Manage: ShopPacs: (html)
  • Real-Time Charting: ShopCharts: (html)
  • Files & Docs...ISOApproval: (html)
  • Files & Docs... ISOFileArchiver: (html)
  • Histories...ISOHistoryArchiver: (html)
  • Find Anything... DocumentLocator: (html)
  • For Everything: ShopReports: (html)
  • Document Management: ShopDocs: (html)
  • Global Access: ShopVirtualization: (html)
  • Internet Upgrade: ShopManagerLicenser: (html)
  • Many Different Views: RelationshipViews: (html)
  • No Escape: ShopManagerErrorLog: (html)
  • Language: InternationalLanguage: (html)
  • More ....

Creating Events is Easily

ShopMonitorTM(pdf) or ShopMonitor: (html)
  • Create Events Using EventAware Technologies
    • Cycle: Start-End
    • Tool Change
    • Maintenance: Any Number of States
    • Probe: Measurement-Other Data
    • Inspection: First Piece, etc.
  • Real-Time Statuses
    • Interactive Intelligent Charting
    • Production Status with Data
    • Maintenance Status with States
  • Document Tracking: DocumentTracker: (html)
  • Configurable Production Reports & Filters
  • Haas Software & Hardware I/O Event Monitoring
  • Manual Input: ShopMDI: (html)
  • EventAware EventAware: (html)
  • More ....

Managing Documents is Simple

ShopDocsTM(pdf) or ShopDocs: (html)
  • System Management: SystemSecurity: (html)
  • Organization: VirtualFileCabinets: (html)
  • Document Tracking: DocumentTracker: (html)
  • Manual Input: ShopMDI: (html):
  • Organize & Manage: ShopPacs: (html)
  • Files & Docs...: ISOApproval: (html)
  • Files & Docs...: ISOFileArchiver: (html)
  • Histories..: ISOHistoryArchiver: (html)
  • Find Anything...: DocumentLocator: (html)
  • For Everything: ShopReports: (html)
  • Global Access: ShopVirtualization: (html)
  • Internet Upgrade: ShopManagerLicenser: (html)
  • Language: InternationalLanguage: (html)
  • Many Different Views: RelationshipViews: (html)
  • No Escape: ShopManagerErrorLog: (html)
  • More ....

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