Let's take a look at what a Maintenance Program created with ShopMontor may look like. ShopMonitor is so Flexible that you can create any number Maintenance Steps that you require and record & display them Real-Time in ShopCharts, Reports and or Machine Status!

User Created Maintenance Program

Creating Real-Time Event Programs

Enable Users to Create Real-Time Event Programs

ShopMonitorTM enables Users of ShopFloorManager to Create Real-Time "Programs" which are based solely on the "Events" Created within ShopFloorManager. It may seem like a stretch to say that creating these "Events" will produce Shop Ready Real-Time Programs that help a Shop Floor run more Efficiently but it is True. An Event create by a User is usually not a single Item but comprised of multiple "Event" Items.

Create Probe Measurement, Tool Change... Real-Time Event Programs

As an Example you can create individual Events for many different Uses such as: Multiple Probe Data Measurements, Cycle Start & End, Tool Changes, Cut in & out, etc. By grouping these "Events" you can create "Event Programs" to capture, store & display Real-Time Probe Measurements, Cycle Run vs Idle, Tool Changes, etc. These "Event Programs" are not Canned but based on the "Events" you created. Once these Programs are deployed on the Shop Floor you can use ShopCharts and or ShopFloorManager's Runtime Client Monitoring Capabilities to Graphically Display how your Shop Floor Resources are being used in Real-Time!

A Slide Show of a User Created Maintenance Real-Time Event Program

The Following "Slide Show" was created for collecting Maintenance Information which could be viewed in Real-Time, Maintenance Operation by Operation, for each of the various pieces of Shop Floor Equipment and viewed Real-Time by the Maintenance Department!

Maintenance Slide Show (Click Buttons Below)

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Manage & Create Events Easily

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    • Cycle: Start-End
    • Tool Change
    • Maintenance: Any Number of States
    • Probe: Measurement-Other Data
    • Inspection: First Piece, etc.
  • Real-Time Statuses
    • Interactive Intelligent Charting
    • Maintenance Status with Data
    • Maintenance Status with States
  • Document Tracking: DocumentTracker: (html)
  • Configurable Maintenance Reports & Filters
  • Haas Software & Hardware I/O Event Monitoring
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Managing Documents is Simple

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  • Files & Docs...: ISOFileArchiver: (html)
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  • For Everything: ShopReports: (html)
  • Global Access: ShopVirtualization: (html)
  • Internet Upgrade: ShopManagerLicenser: (html)
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