ShopFloorManager provides you with the Organizational Tools to Create & Arrange your Departments, Users, Work Centers, Machines, User Groups, etc. into Logical Hierarchy Structures creating a 1 to 1 Correspondence between ShopFloorManager and your Company's Hierarchy!

Creating Hierarchical Structures

Creating a Hierarchy for Machines

Organize & Structure for Better Management of Critical Resources

If you have more then a few Customers, Users, Machine Tools, Departments, Buildings, Cells... it becomes imperative to provide an Organizational Structure for better Management of these Critical Resources. By Organizing these Critical Resources into Logical Hierarchal Structures your Company will more efficiently manage these Resources according to how your Company uses it's Resources.

In the following paragraphs we describe how you could organize one of your critical Resources, "Machine Tools", into Logical Hierarchal Structures. This can then be used as a guide for creating your other Hierarchal Structures for Managing Resource Collection & User Groups.

Runtime - Machines

We will setup a Hierarchal Structure for Machine Tools so you will understand how create your own. From ShopFloorManager Runtime click on the "Machines" menu and the Machines... Window for creating & configuring Machine Tools will be displayed.


Adding to an Existing Organizational Structure

The Window below shows a partially completed Hierarchal Structure where various Machine Tools are associated with different Plants/Building within your Company. We will be adding and additional "Plant" and moving a Machine Tool from one of the existing Plants to the newly created Plant.


Creating a New Plant

To create a new "Plant"(Hierarchal Structure) click on the "New Organization Unit" and the following Window will be displayed allowing you to create this new "Plant". After entering the name of the Plant and clicking on the OK button the updated previous Window will be displayed.


New Plant #3 added

Below you can see that a new Hierarchal Structure has been added and called "Plant #3". We want to move the existing Machine Tool "48VTL" in Plant #1 to the new Plant #3. We therefore highlight the Machine and the "Move" Button is activated. To move the highlighted Machine click the "Move" Button. See Below.


Select Plant #3 in the Structure in the Right Hand Window

Once you have chosen the Hierarchal Structure you want to move the Machine Tool to, click on the "Complete Move" Button and this displays the updated Window, See Below, with the selected Machine Tool now being associated with Plant #3. It's that simple!


Updated Window with Machine Tool assigned to Plant #3

Once this is complete you add New Machine Tools and assign Resource Collections, Holder of DNC Files & Packets, and modify or Change the Machine Tool Properties.


Note: You can add Hierarchal Structure to Resource Collections & User Groups in a similar fashion!

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