If you would like to try ShopFloorManager we have made it easy to download, install, configure and with all of the on-line information you should be able to navigate it's Menus, Module and Applications. No matter what if do need help we would be glad to help you over the Internet.

ShopFloorManager - Installation & Preliminary Use

Why not give it a Try?

Just follow the instructions below and you can have ShopFloorManager installed for testing on your Shop Floor within a hour!

Details for downloading & Installation

The Following Sections details what you need to do to download ShopFloorManager, install it, set the database path, configure it and use it so you can experience the difference ShopFloorManager provides for the best Manufacturing System for your Shop Floor.

Make your facility more efficient and profitable while meeting your ISO9000 requirements!

Discover What's Happening on your Manufacturing Floor

Using ShopFloorManager will provide the tools you need in uncovering & discovering if your Manufacturing Environment is using it's resources efficiently.

ShopFloorManager Continually Listens for Events

ShopFloorManager continually listens to Events at the Machine Tools, Document Changes, etc.and records these various Manufacturing Events so you can view these Events in Real-Time and or use ShopReports to any detailed report you can configure. You will then discover what makes your Manufacturing Shop Floor Tick.

Follow the Instructions "In-The-Order-Shown"

If you are new to ShopFloorManager it is suggested that you follow the Menu Selections to the left "In-The-Order-Shown". This will guarantee that you will experience the maximum benefits of ShopFloorManager so it can assist you in organizing and revealing the relevant data on your Manufacturing Shop Floor.

Need Assistance? Just Call

If you prefer that we would be happy to assist you with installation using ShopFloorManager's Internet Support Network! We would also be happy to assist you in customizing ShopFloorManager to meet your requirements and using your present infrastructure.

ShopFloorManager'sTM Integrated Executables

ShopFloorManager is a Secure Client Server Database Driven Suite of Applications consists of eight Integrated Executables, including ShopFloorManager Runtime, designed for Real-Time Intra Executable Messaging. This assures that all of your Data is update Real-Time allowing you to Manage and Control all of your Company's Data & Machine Tool Communications with Confidence. A Brief Explanation of these Executables Follows:

ShopFloorManager Runtime

The ShopFloorManager Runtime Application is the Portal into which all Users of ShopFloorManager must Enter. It provides the User Interfaces into all of ShopFloorManager's Inner Workings which include: CNC Communications, Document Control, Machine Events, Intelligent Charting, Manual Data Input, just to mention a few! It Morphs to fit every Unique User based on an Administrator definition of each User Category so each User Category(Group) has it's own Appearance.

Communications Engine

The CNC Communications Server is responsible for providing the communications channel between ShopFloorManager and All CNC Machine Tools. These can be Wireless, RS232, FTP & UNC. An important Feature of the CNC Communications Engine is it can have Multiple Instances simultaneously deployed on different computers connected to the Network on which ShopFloorManager is executing.

This Feature allows for off-loading heavy Communications Loads on any particular computer to any other less stressed computer. Also great when a Computer Dies. As an example if you were using one computer to communicate with 100 Machine Tools all doing high speed milling in Drip Feed Mode there is no way that this one computer could handle this load. So you could share this load with other computer(s)!

Maintenance Engine

One of the Work Horses of ShopFloorManager is The Maintenance Engine. It is responsible for automatically importing all Files, Documents & Packets into ShopFloorManager's database and associating these with the correct resources such as Virtual File Cabinets, Resource Collections/Machine Tools and Packets.

This feature can be used by Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality, Office, etc. to easily import these Files, Documents & Packets and automatically associate these with the correct resources automatically.

Maintenance Engine Does More!

The Maintenance Engine is also responsible for picking up and sending messages from/to FTP & UNC Machine Tools so remote requests for non-RS232 can be serviced. The Maintenance Engine is EventAware and will record all imports & other transactions in ShopFloorManager's database which provides the data for generating numerous ISO & other Reports.

DNC Editor

The DNC Editor is a specialized Editor designed for N/C Type Files. It provides the standard features, Cut, Copy, Paste, Find & Replace, etc. and special features that are needed when editing DNC File. Some of these are Resequence, Unsequence, Mirroring, Scaling, Translating, etc. The DNC Editor is also EventAware(this feature needs to be turned on) and will Interrogate you as to the changes you are making and will record this for generating ISO Reports.

Exchange Messages

ShopFloorManager consists of a Suite of Mutli-User Multi-Tasking Integrated Applications which provide inter-program communications to maintain real-time Data and Event exchanges. The Exchange Messages Executable is responsible the message exchanges between the various applications so they all have access to the same Real-Time Data & Events.

Communications Helper

The Communications Helper is responsible for off-loading those task from the Communications Engine that would interfere with its ability to respond to Real-Time Events from the Machine Tools. This could be the Saving of Files, Parsing Requests from the Machine Tool, Parsing of Events from the Machine Tool, etc.

Path & Serial Port Validator

The Path & Serial Port Validator is responsible for off-loading the tasks from ShopFloorManager Runtime and the Communications Engine of checking to make sure that any established paths(folder locations network wide) are available and that the requested RS232 Ports are available to the The Communications Engine.

If the requested Paths and or Ports are not available this would interfere with ShopFloorManager's Runtime Execution and the Communications Engine's ability to service other validated RS232 Ports. In order to not inhibit ShopFloorManager this responsibility is off-loaded to the Path & Serial Port Validator!

Trace Server

This is used by CCI to Trace For Specific type of Errors and should never by seen by a general User. This needs to be activated by using particular command line commands. If you see this running please call.

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