You can always download the latest version of ShopFloorManager Software for a Demo, Trial or if you are a licensed user with an active maintenance contract, for upgrading to the latest release. As always if you need help you can look on-line or call CCI for help if required for your upgrade!

Downloading ShopFloorManager

ShopFloorManager Zipped!

Click on the following link to download ShopFloorManager

ShopFloorManager Zipped CopyrightedLatest Version of ShopFloorManager

Now what do I do?

Place the Zipped File in a Folder, click and Un-Zip. Requires that you have an Un-Zip Application which is Standard on Windows XP, Windows 7, etc. After Un-Zipping you should end up with 9 CAB files, a SETUP.LST & a setup.exe file. For additional Guides click on the "Downloads" Menu above and choose "Manuals".

Note: The Software Executables & dlls are normally installed in the "Program Files" or "Program Files (x86)" in a Folder named "Ccisfxxx_Runtime"! Unless you know what you are doing don't change this directory! There are additional files that ShopFloorManager Uses that are installed in "Documents and Settings\All Users.Windows\Application Data\CAD-CAM Integration\... !" Don't change or modify these unless you know what you are doing! Later when you are asked where you would like to install your database DON'T install it in this Directory!!!

Un-Zipped Installation Set


Click on the setup.exe file and follow the installation instructions below!

Installation Set


Note: Click on the OK Button and the following Window will be displayed.

Installation Directory


Note: Click on the Big Button in the Upper Left Hand Window. Don't change this directory unless you know what you are doing!.

Group Name


Note: You can change the Group Name but we suggest you don't. Click on the "Continue" Button to continue!

Installation Process


Note: You should see the above Window during the installation process!

Installation Process Successful


Note: You should see the above Window when successful completion! Continue by Clicking on the "Creating a Database" Menu to the left..

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