What are the Metrics on in your Manufacturing Floor? Is your DNC Shop-floor Metrics-Aware or Clueless? Are your Manufacturing Floor Reports Metric's Rich? Need Real-Time Metric Updates: Use ShopCharts! ShopManager: A Manufacturing Floor Metric's Manager that Mines your Manufacturing Floor's Data!

Manufacturing Floor Metrics: Organize, Manage, Mine & Display !

ShopFloorManager: Organize & Manage your Plants & Shops

Note: Making Metrics Transparent helps you make informed decisions!

ShopFloorManager Displays All Your Metrics in Real-Time

Note: ShopFloorManager Provides Real-Time Metrics Now!

ShopFloorManager Reports Your Critical Metrics

Note: ShopReportsTM, Helping you Make Informed Decisions!

ShopFloorManager Manages All Document & File Metrics

ShopFloorManager Manages All Document & File Metrics(cont)

Note: ShopFloorManager Manages & Controls All Your Documents & Files!

ShopFloorManager Secures All Your Resources & Data

Note: ShopFloorManager Secures Your Manufacturing Resources & Data!

ShopFloorManager Communicates with All Your Machine Tools

Note: ShopFloorManager Removes any CNC Language Barriers!

ShopFloorManager Integrates All Your Third-Party Applications

Note: ShopFloorManager Manages All Your Third-Party Applications!

Use ShopFloorManager ShopFloorManager: (html) to Create and Manage All of Your Manufacturing Floor's Metrics!

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