Because of CCI's breath of experiences, its clients have chosen them to help design and develop critical manufacturing shop floor applications other than CAD/CAM Integration's ShopFloorManager Automation Applications.

Why Choose CAD/CAM Integration & Shop-Floor-Manager?

Meeting the needs of Businesses

CCI's products have evolved over the years to meet the requirements of businesses that have grown from using a myriad of point solutions to sophisticated EventAware Integrated Manufacturing Software Applications that are based on supporting Standard Databases, are intrinsically ISO9000 Compliant, Support Lean Manufacturing Principles, provide Multi-Level Security, include sophisticated Document Control including Capturing and Recording Document Histories of Who, Why, When & Where, is Records' Management Based, Captures & Logs Application & System Errors Real-Time, provides User Configurable Third-Party Application Integration(No Programing Required!), complete Archiving & Retrieval of Files & Documents, Fully User Creatable Machine & Event Monitoring, International Language Support and Comprehensive On-Line HTML Guides & Interactive Internet Support! All of this plus, Start Simple(ShopDNC: (html)) and Grow at Your Pace!

ShopFloorManager's Design Philosophy

ShopFloorManager's Design Philosophy is to provide an EventAware: (html) Integrated Set of Manufacturing Applications that provide Real-Time Data Capture & Shop Floor Status. As an example you can create your own unique Real-Time Production Capturing & Status Reporting Programs with ShopFloorManager's ShopMonitor: (html). ShopMonitor logically groups these Events into a Production Program which can be Automatically inserted into your N/C Programs(automatic production collection using macros) and or used with ShopMDI: (html) (manual data collection).

You can Immediately use all of the Real-Time Reports ShopReports: (html), Real-Time Machine Monitoring, Real-Time DNC Charts ShopCharts: (html) to view Shop Floor Production Status. True Integration not Hype! ShopFloorManager is a Suite of EventAware Integrated Manufacturing Applications!

From Lite to an Enterprise System

If your company's needs are for a basic factory communications system such as simple up/downloading of your manufacturing CNC DNC Programs but you would like your system to be upgradeable in the future ShopFloorManager: (html) is your choice. ShopFloorManager's License System allows you upgrade over the Internet at any time. ShopFloorManager's ShopManagerLicenser: (html)) provides Upgrades

requiring no "Software Installation" what so ever Hassle Free which you can use immediately!

Clients Chose ShopFloorManagerTM

Clients chose ShopFloorManager because of CAD/CAM Integration's breath of experiences and ShopFloorManager's Truly Integrated Shop-Floor Applications. These Experiences have driven ShopFloorManager's Integrated Design addressing the critical manufacturing requirements for today's manufacturing processes!

34 Years of Experience

CCI's 34 Years of experiences in developing manufacturing systems has given them the capability to offering integration services, special factory automation software development, installation, training and ongoing maintenance of their base and special manufacturing systems.

If your company needs Special Applications

If your company needs to develop special applications that need to integrate into MRP, Engineering, or special manufacturing equipment systems, CCI can help. We have expertise in XML, C++, C#, VB.Net, VB, Unix, SQL database conversions, PLC communication and a host of other experiences that we can bring to help you meet your company's automation requirements.

CCI's Original DNC has Evolved into ShopFloorManager with its Family of Integrated Digital Solutions

  • Multi-Level ISO Approval Criteria: ISOApproval: (html)
  • Traditional Infrastructure Hardware: CNCCables: (html)
  • Real-Time Graphically Presented Data: ShopCharts: (html)
  • A Full Shop Floor Communication's System: ShopDNC: (html)
  • Manage, Control, Analyze & Report: ShopDocs: (html)
  • Email from your CNC: ShopEMail: (html)
  • Capture & Report all Errors: ShopManagerErrorLog: (html)
  • A Suite of Integrated Manufacturing Apps: ShopFloorManager: (html)
  • Archive Deleted Files & Documents: ISOFileArchiver: (html)
  • Electronic Virtual File Cabinets: VirtualFileCabinets: (html)
  • Archive Files & Documents Histories: ISOHistoryArchiver: (html)
  • Create, Modify, Save any Language Dialect: InternationalLanguage: (html)
  • Create Event(s) to Collect, Recording ...: ShopMonitor: (html)
  • Manually Collect, Record & Generate Reports: ShopMDI: (html)
  • A Container which Mimics: Operations, Travelers ...: ShopPacs: (html)
  • Mine & Analyze all of your Company's Data: ShopReports: (html)
  • Request Files Right from your CNC: CNCFileRequester: (html)
  • Create, Populate & Query for Files & Documents: DocumentLocator: (html)
  • Managed & Control your Shop with ShopFloorManager: ShopManager: (html)
  • 120+ Events to capture changes to Files & Docs:DocumentTracker: (html)
  • Wireless Infrastructure Hardware: ShopWireless: (html)
  • Over 120 Different Ways to View Your Resources: RelationshipViews: (html)

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