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ShopWirelessTM Make sure your Shop can meet the Challenges of the 21st Century
Enable your Manufacturing Personnel to Think and Act Lean!
A ShopFloorManagerTM Product for Propelling your Shop into the 21st Century
Supports Windows 10TM & Windows 8TM including Support for Terminal Server 2008/2010/2012

ShopWirelessTM provides an Integrated Open Architecture where Secure, Standard's Based Wireless Hardware and Software are joined together with ShopFloorManager's renowned Software Products helping You Compete with a 21st Century Integrated Wireless Machine Tool Monitoring and Communications System while providing the Infrastructure for other Wireless Devices.

ShopWireless includes Access Points and Installation kits including Twisted Shielded RS232 Cables for Internal and External Installations in any type of Machine Tool. There is also Wireless Hardware for Ethernet Based Controllers.

ShopWirelessTM an Integrated Support Module

"Wireless" Cables don't Break! Cables Fat, Wireless Lean! Go on a Diet! Can you move a CNC without moving Cables! If you love Transmission Errors go Cable? Want to Change a Cable or a Wireless Unit? A Wireless Infrastructure is Cheaper in the End! Love RS232 Cables & their inherent transmission errors? Love to install the Cable infrastructure & Hardware? When you move your CNCs isn't it fun moving Cables? Love to throw money down a Money Pit? ShopFloorManager's ShopWireless brings sanity to a Error Prone Cable World!



Security WAP and WEP Supports
  • ShopWireless comprehensively secures the wireless infrastructure with leading-edge encryption, authentication, rogue access point detection and WLAN intrusion defense.
  • WEP: 64-bit/128-bit data encryption, WPA, WPA2
  • 802.11i: Enterprise mode and Pre-Share Key (PSK) mode
  • Encryption
    • 128-bit TKIP/AES-CCMP
    • LEAP

An Expensive & Slow
Speed Infrastructure

Cabling! An Expensive & Slow Speed Infrastructure
  • The cost of installing RS232 cabling & infrastructure can be prohibitive besides locking your Machine Tool into a confined area which results in an inflexibility affecting your competitiveness.
  • Long runs of Cabling limit the speed of data transmission and can result in data starvation. The recommend baud rate for 50' of RS232 Cabling is 9600 baud!
  • Wireless communication can reach over 54 MB/s (IEEE 802.11a, IEEE 802.11g) well above the limits of RS232 Cabling!

Wireless Meets
The Basic Tenets
Of Lean Manufacturing

Wireless Meets The Basic Tenets Of Lean Manufacturing
  • One of the basic tenets of Lean Manufacturing is the need to reduce production time and costs. A Wireless communications infrastructure allows companies to move their Machine Tools quickly to create lean Cells without adding additional Cabling Infrastructures which adds to direct and the indirect costs.
  • The Tenet of "Continual Improvements" is another Wireless plus! RS232 Cabling limits the speed with which Data can be sent to your Machine Tool. Wireless is virtually instantaneous meeting any Machine Tool Future Communications Requirements.
  • The use of a Wireless Network reduces the effective length of RS232 Cabling to just a few feet thus avoiding the transmission errors that are inherent in longer RS232 Cables. This also allows you to use maximum Baud Rates.


  • Installing RS232 Cabling in a Shop can result in several hazards:
    • Loose Hanging Cable
    • Tripping
    • Conduit for Electrical Storm (Lightning Strikes)
    • Conduit for Electrical Faults
    • Accidents installing Cable Infrastructure


  • Access to your information anywhere, anytime and anyplace! ShopWireless enables high-performance mobile computing without compromising the confidentiality, integrity or availability of information.
  • Take your laptop into the shop and look at the data being collected at your Machine Tools while being "Un-Wired".
  • ShopWireless comprehensively secures the wireless infrastructure with leading-edge encryption, authentication, rogue access point detection and WLAN intrusion defense.

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