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A Special Type of Secure Flexible Container
Packets can be Travelers, Operations, Engineering Projects, etc.
Part of an Integrated Family of ShopFloorManagerTM EventAwareTM Modules
Supports Windows 10TM & Windows 8TM including Support for Terminal Server 2003/2005/2008

ShopPacsTM is special type of Secure Container whose Paradigm can mimic: A Shop Floor Traveler; an Operation in a Traveler; an Engineering Project; A Group of Projects; A complete Project comprised of multiple Projects; When you need to keep related Documents & Files in one place a Packet can be Used.

A Packet can contain any number Sub-Packets, Documents, Files so no matter how complex of a Traveler, Project, Operation or Task is needed, ShopPacsTM provides the Security, Tools & Management you will need!

From within a Packet you can download DNC Files, View Documents & DNC Files, Approve DNC Files & Documents in the Packet, Connect to External Applications passing any of its Documents to this Application. A Packet can also go through ISO Approval & Sign-Off, etc.

ShopPacsTM Part of a Suite of Fully Managed & Integrated Modules

Operations Sub-Packets ShopPacs Projects Travelers Are Your Related Files & Docs Together? Are they Scattered over the Shop, Engineering, the Office? Organized the Way you Want? Use ShopPacs To: Organize, Secure, Relate All Your Task, Operation, Documents, etc!


User Login Security

Provide your Company with Secure User Logins:
  • Administrators Create User Names
  • Administrators Create User Passwords
  • Administrators Create User Group Login/Logout Timeouts
  • Administrators Select User Group Categories and Configures Categories' Rights
  • Administrators Create any number of Users
  • Administrators Create User Groups with Rights that Control User's Access
  • Administrators controls over 120 Rights

ShopPacs Basics

ShopPacs'TM Basics Include:
  • EventAwareTM Technologies(Alerts Users System Wide of Changes)
  • Create unique Operations with any number of DNC Files, Documents & Packets
  • Create unique Projects(Packets) with any number of unique Sub-Projects(Packets)
  • Manually Import Packets(Folder Structure) with "Documents" into ShopFloorManagerTM
  • Automatically Import Packets(Folder Structure) with "Documents" into ShopFloorManagerTM
  • Edit any of the Packet's Files and Documents(May Require ThirdPartyTools)
  • View any Packet's Files & Documents with a Native or Optional AutoVue Viewer
  • Export Packets with Files & Documents as a Folder Structure
  • Auto-zip EMail Packets with Files & Documents anywhere
  • View Packet's Base Reports(Upgradeable to ShopReports)
  • View a Packet's Files & Documents(Native Viewing Standard. AutoVue Optional)
  • Packets are Associated with Resource Collections for Controlling User Access
  • Full Security with SystemSecurityTM a Standard ShopFloorManagerTM Module
  • Instant Internet upgrades with ShopManagerLicenserTM a Standard ShopFloorManagerTM Module
  • Packet Search & Sort(Standard) Optional: DocumentLocator
  • Unique "DNC File" Naming & Auto Revision Control

Structure Views

Selectable Structure Views:
  • Tree(Packet Structure & Content)
  • List(Packet Content)
  • Small Icon(Packet Content)
  • Large Icon(Packet Content)
  • Details, Sorted Alphabetically(Packet Content)
  • Details, Sorted by Page Number(Packet Content)

Note: You can view the Packet Structure in six different views to see the complete Packet Structure or the various Details Views to suite your particular needs.


ISOApprovalTM Support with Structures
  • View Packet Structure Categories: Approved, Unapproved or Uncontrolled
  • Approve DNC Files from within Packet
  • Approve Documents from within Packet(Can't Approve Uncontrolled Documents
  • Approve Sub-Packets from within Packet
  • Approve a Packet's Structure(Approved or Unapproved)

Note: ShopPacs can contain any number of Approved & Unapproved Files, Documents & Sub-Packets and is displayed according to those Categories.

A Packet is not considered Approved until the Packet(Structure) is Approved and all of the contained Files, Documents & Sub- Packets are Approved.


ThirdPartyToolsTM Supports:
  • Run 3rd Party Tool
  • Copy and Open with 3rd Party or Native Application
  • Delete Copied Files
  • Check Out and Edit with 3rd Party or Native Application
  • Edit Checked Out File
  • Check-In Edited File
  • Abandon Edits and Check-In

Note: Any File or Document contained in ShopPacs can be Accessed by Third-Party Applications by using ThirdPartyTools.

If you have a favorite Application that you use to modify, view, convert, etc. your Documents then you can use ThirdPartyTools to fully integrate it into ShopPacs for any level of Access you chose.

Example: From just starting the Third-Party Application to passing it Documents stored in ShopFloorManager for "Editing" and when finished re-storing the Document as a new version of new File. ShopFloorManager will keep all the details in its History Database.

File Management

Extensive File Management Support
  • Drag & Drop DNC Files & Documents(Internal & External Sources) onto Packets
  • Drag & Drop Packets to Resource Collections
  • Drag & Drop Packets to File Cabinets(VirtualFileCabinets)
  • Export & Import Packets
  • Create, Copy, Rename & Delete(Doesn't Delete its Contained Documents)
  • Approve, Unapproved & View the Contents of Packets
  • Compress & EMail Packets
  • Automatic Import of Packets including Files, Documents & Sub-Packets

File & Document
Viewer Support

File & Document Viewer Support:
  • Native Application Support(Standard)
  • AutoVue Third-Party Viewer Support(Over 220 Read-Only Formats)
  • Mixed AutoVue & Native Viewers to Cover all Formats.

Note: ShopFloorManager's Applications support the ability to set document extensions, no limit, so you may associate any Files or Documents with a Native Viewer(Application) and ShopFloorManager's Applications will pass the selected File/Document to that Application and start that Application.

AutoVue supports all standard Engineering Formats, Microsoft's Applications and a host of others. It also provide a Single Viewing container for all of the Files & Documents if you chose to display all of a Packets Files & Documents.

Unique File Names

Unique File Names
  • Database Requires a Unique File Name & ID(Key Field)
  • DNC File Renaming creates a Reference Back to Original File Name
  • DNC File Copying creates another unique ID with Reference Back to Original ID
  • Supports multiple File Versions using new ID Referenced Back to Original ID
  • When deleting "Files" the ID associated with it is never used again
  • ShopFloorManager's unique File Naming allows Generation of Full Birth to Death Reports.

Note: "File Names" of DNC Files, Documents & Packets must be unique within their category. Whenever a new DNC Files, Documents or Packet is Created, Copied or Imported a Unique Name Check is performed and duplicates are not allowed.

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