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Includes both an Email Messenger and Email Distribution List
Allowing Emailing From CNCs & from any Program within ShopFloorManagerTM
Part of an Integrated Family of ShopFloorManagerTM EventAwareTM Modules
Supports Windows 10TM & Windows 8TM including Support for Terminal Server 2008/2010/2012

ShopEMailTM is a full-featured, Email Messenger with User Created Distribution Lists allowing your personnel to Email DNC Files, Documents, or Packets from within ShopFloorManagerTM to any User or Email Group within or external to ShopFloorManagerTM.

ShopEMailTM allows you to Email from any CNC by uploading a message in an N/C Program or from Macros using DPRINTs. These Macros could contain measurements data from a Probe sent directly to Quality!

ShopEMailTM An Integrated Secure, Company Wide EMail Module

CNC EMail SMTP Support EMail Documents EMail Packets EMail Real-Time Events EMail Probe Measurements Want to EMail Directly from your CNC? Want to EMail Real-Time Probe Measurements? Want to EMail your DNC Files, Documents & Packets from inside ShopFloorManager? Use ShopEMail and stop Snail Mail!


Login Security

Provide your Company with Secure User Logins:
  • Administrators Create User Names
  • Administrators Create User Passwords
  • Administrators Create User Group Login/Logout Timeouts
  • Administrators Select User Group Categories and Configures Categories' Rights
  • Administrators Create any number of Users
  • Administrators Create User Groups with Rights that Control User's Access
  • Administrators controls over 120 Rights

ShopEMail Basics

ShopEMail'sTM Basics Include:
  • EventAwareTM Technologies(Real-Time EMail Updates)
  • Create EMail Addresses
  • Create EMail Distribution Lists
  • EMail any Files, Documents and or Packets within ShopFloorManagerTM
  • EMail directly from CNCs and or Macros
  • Automatically Zip Files, Documents and or Packets before Emailing
  • Automatically Extracting Files, Documents and or Packets

Email Addresses

ShopEMailTM Allows you to Create:
  • Individual Emails:
    • Maintenance Department Person
    • Any Person
    • Production Department Person
    • Manufacturing Engineering Person
    • Quality Engineering Person
    • Etc.

Distribution List(s)
Email Addresses

ShopEMailTM Allows you to Create:
  • Distribution List Emails:
    • Maintenance Department Personnel List
    • Production Department Personnel List
    • Manufacturing Engineering Department Personnel List
    • Quality Engineering Personnel List
    • Etc.

CNC Operator EMails

CNC Operator(s) can EMail:
  • EMail about Emergencies during Off-Shifts
  • EMail Production Updates
  • EMail for Help
  • Etc.

EMail CNC Data

EMail Real-Time Probe Measurements, EMail any Data that can be Accessed from a CNC!
  • EMail Real-Time Probe Measurements
  • EMail any Internal CNC data that is Accessible
  • EMail Tool Offsets
  • Etc.

Attach File(s)

ShopEMailTM allows you to Attach:
  • Files
  • Documents
  • Packet & Documents
  • Tool Sheets

Note: ShopEMailTM supports Automatic Zipping with Self-Extracting for efficient Emailing!

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