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A Universal RemoteRequest Generator, Server & Processor(Includes Events from ShopMonitor)
Operators can Remotely Request and Send Files to and from ShopFloorManager
Machine Tools can DPRINT Events to ShopFloorManager whether from Macros or embedded in DNC Files
ShopMDI can Submit Manual Data/Events to ShopFloorManager for Processing by CNCFileRequester
Part of an Integrated Family of ShopFloorManagerTM EventAwareTM Modules
Supports Windows 10TM & Windows 8TM including Support for Terminal Server 2008/2010/2012

CNCFileRequesterTM is an Universal Remote Request Command Generator, Server and Processor. It is used to Generate a Complete set of "Machine Tool to ShopFloorManager" Remote Commands formatted specifically for each type of controller. Any Events create with ShopMonitor can also be processed by CNCFileRequester!

These Remote Commands can then be stored on the CNC Controller where an operator can output these to ShopFloorManager's Remote Request Command Server and Processor for Requesting Immediate Service for any valid Command. These "Commands" can also be information about Production Cycles, Maintenance, Probe Measurements, etc. These "Commands" are limited only by your imagination!

The Command Server receives these Commands to which ShopFloorManager's Command Processor parses, analyzes, records, emails(if set) & responds appropriately.

CNCFileRequesterTM A Universal Remote Command Generator, Server and Processor

CNC Requests DNC Files CNC Requests Help Files CNC Requests Save File CNC Sends EMails Queue to Save Abort Transfer Clear Queue Help your CNC Operators stay at their CNCs! Provide them with CNCFileRequester so they can: Get DNC Files, Save DNC File, Save Production Data, Save Probe Measurements.... ! CNCFileRequester is limited only by your imagination!



CNCFileRequester'sTM Basics Include:
  • EventAwareTM Technologies(Real-Time Updates from all Remote Commands)
  • A Command Generator
  • A Command Server
  • A Command Processor
  • Ability to Process all Events Created with ShopMonitor

Command Generator

Use the Command Generator to Customize Commands for Controller Types:
  • Abort Transfer
  • Clear Queue
  • CNC E-Mail
  • CNC E-Mail Template (Upload Template with Explanation on How to Use)
  • Command Template (Upload All Templates with Explanation on How to Use)
  • Get DNC File and Loop
  • Get DNC File Once
  • Get DNC File Once by Drip Feed
  • Help (Custom Help Files for Specific & Generic Machine Tools)
  • Help Topics (Custom Help Topics for Specific & Generic Machine Tools)
  • List DNC Files (List of Files for this Machine Tool. Includes: File Name, Size, etc.)
  • List Templates (Upload Template with Explanation on How to Use)
  • Machine Events
  • Operator Identification
  • Queue to Save
  • Replace
  • Save This DNC File
  • Send Selected DNC File
  • Start Next Item on the Queue

Command Server

The Command Server Provides:
  • The Active Communication's link from the CNC To:
    • ShopFloorManager
    • ShopManager
    • ShopMonitor
    • ShopDNC

Note: This link provides a Data Stream so that any Commands, Files or Events that are being received by ShopFloorManagerTM from a Machine Tool and or ShopMDI are forwarded to the Command Processor so they can be: Parsed, Analyzed and depending on the Command or Event either Saved and or can Generate Appropriate Responses.

The Appropriate Response(s) to the Commands received from the CNC are prepared by the Command Processor and forwarded to the Command Server to send to the CNC.

Command Processor

The Command Processor Provides:
  • The Parsing, Analyzing, Saving Files, Data and ISO Histories and prepares the responses to the Commands forwarded to it by the Command Server. These Commands can be any of the above List of Commands including any number of embedded parameters.
  • The "Responses" can be sent, saved and or stored in ShopDNC'sTM Database for later generating Reports using CNCFileRequesterTM or Charting using ShopChartsTM. These "Responses" may also include Error Generation(I.E. notifying a CNC operator that a file is not available, was not saved, etc.) , Emailing information from a CNC Operator, etc.

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